bongacams malinka That evening, they did it twice, and then another time in the morning.
He first came to her, and then they decided to live together, the salary allowed and Dima took a two-room apartment on the fifth floor of the nine-storey building.
The hostess, a beautiful lady, Zhanna Sergeevna, lived in the same entrance on the first floor.
Every time when Dima brought her rent, she invariably treated him to a cup of coffee, which was very well brewed, and always made all the talk about life with him, asking about work, about his family.

Dima liked these gatherings, he was also pleased with Zhanna Sergeyevna herself, who told him “You, Dima, are a very creative young man!”.
When he brought Larisa home and introduced her to her mother and Sveta, she didn’t like her mother: – Oh, look, Dima, isn’t she slut?

When they were alone in the kitchen, Sveta gloomily threw out: – You know, Dima, there is something foul in her. bongacams malinka
Forgive me, of course.
– Yes, and I hate something from your Vitka.
She lowered her head, sobbed, sniffed, and then suddenly hugged him and pressed her chest and thighs: – I love you, Dima.
– And I love you, Svetik my dear! – said Dima and tightly pressed her to him.
She succumbed for a moment, and then quickly pulled away: – They’ll see it, God knows what they think! This “love” should certainly have meant a kindred love, but it did not go out of my head.
Like the feeling of big breasts, and even more – pressed to his lower abdomen and hips.
It is good that all this lasted a moment and she probably did not have time to feel his riser.
Meanwhile, Svetka and Viktor seemed to be getting worse.

A couple of times Dima, having come to his mother, found in her tear-stained Svetka.
They did not tell him anything, but even so, everything was clear.
The hostility to “Vitka” grew.
One day, the mother could not stand it and confessed that Vitek was trying to dissolve her hands.
– Just look, Dima, do not blab up Sveta, she strictly forbade me to tell you this! “Okay, mom, I won’t talk.”
– Dima gritted his teeth.
– I’ll talk to him carefully, reptile.
– Dima, just do nothing with him! More responsible for him! – Do not be afraid.
The goal will remain.
A week later my mother had a birthday, he came with Larisa and Sveta with Victor, the mother did not invite anyone else.
bongacams malinka