bongacams olhaiurkova Last warning.
Here is the invoice – in twenty minutes the order should be delivered.
– he muttered in response.

Here is a blockhead.
Elena sighed, looking meditatively at the spot in front of her.
Shaken up, got to work.
At lunch, she met Victor, they went out into the street and, standing in front of the main entrance, were leisurely talking.
Victor, carefully examining Elena with a squinting look, puffing on a cigarette, suddenly said: Len, have you seen our secretaries? Of course.
And how do they dress? Yes.
Why? – the woman looked at her friend curiously.
Well, how to say.
Elena nodded amiably, showing “yes, speak already”.
Well it.
they have open areas of the body prevail over closed.
And they are not in the bastard, and we feel good, ”he said, smiling.
Elena laughed.
I don’t really like mini, she said cheerfully.
– Only sometimes, according to my mood.
And by the way – too long nails, high heels, these studs – I do not even know how to walk on them, I constantly stumble.

Flicking the ashes, Victor nodded, smiling.
He somehow looked strange, perhaps because of embarrassment, although, in general, Elena did not pay attention to it.
She covered her eyelids and placed her face in the afternoon sun.
Don’t forget, you are driving today.
Yes thank you.
I remember.
Husband was almost always no time to teach her driving.
Elena asked the guys – who would be able to train her a little, she wanted to have at least minimal skills before driving school.
All at once showed on Nikolay, he confirmed that he had the necessary time, they planned one hour after six. webcam beauty teen
In the evening, Elena was already making turns in his car.
She did not succeed in much, but the way in which her “instructor” made her remarks was embarrassing.
Elena came back from studying excited.
She shook her a little.
Very specific techniques.
At one point, Nikolai with the characteristic manner of the narrator of vulgar anecdotes scribbled purred: Since you came in a skirt, I will punish you for mistakes like this.

One mistake – I lift my skirt up, another one – still up.
Elena burst out laughing.
Come on, come on the steering wheels, ”he said, patting her knee.
– How else are you? Will learn.
When Elena once again was unable to accurately perform the necessary reception, Nikolay right on the move, slightly stooped, lifted her skirt in a businesslike manner for almost a third.
In a moment the woman’s cheeks turned crimson.
Of course, Lena was in agreement: her, a little coward, must be customized, but still more acceptable manners, she is, after all, married! In her throat she was already indignant cry, but at the last moment she swallowed him.
Some kind of internal stupor.
She was ashamed of the time lost, because she did not pull up her skirt.
For some reason, her legs became a little wadded, including the very part of her thighs, which the slightly raised skirt opened.
Embarrassed, she succinctly said, turning everything into a joke: Out of your mind, or what?

Nikolay did not react.
Her next mistake followed — Nikolay, with a slight movement of his fingers, lifted her skirt up another third.
But! – Lena could not stand it and immediately dropped her skirt down.
Nikolai smiled broadly.
There was no limit to outrage, the character began to crawl out.
Lena understood a lot, but such familiarity was too much! The main thing is that you can’t tell where he is joking and where he is not.
But in this he was all, just cad, she decided.
Nevertheless, Elena really was not angry, although she felt she should.
After a few more indignant attacks from her side, the driving continued, and Nikolay, as if by magic, became restrained, correct.
They skated a few more lessons.
That case was finally dulled, she was fascinated by the ride, and a lot began to turn out.
Nikolai turned out to be an intelligent and competent driver who could pass on his knowledge.
bongacams olhaiurkova