cam sex gay He was also my age and studied with me in the same class, and also, like Tanya, was not opposed to making fun of me.
As I found out, almost all of their company continued to communicate with each other until now.
We very quickly reached her house, went up to the 8th floor and entered her apartment.
She looked gorgeous.

According to Tanya, you cannot say that she has money for such repairs, and her parents, as far as I remembered, could not boast of a thick wallet.
“You can leave the packages right in the hallway,” Tanya took off her boots.
“I’ll arrange everything later.”
Putting the bags and standing a little, I was about to leave.
“Thank you for helping,” Tanya gave me a friendly hug.
– Leaving so soon? You can stay.
Beer can drink, – she got two bottles out of the bag.
I did not refuse to free beer.
We undressed and went to the kitchen.
– Where is Kolya? Do you live with him? “He left on business, today is unlikely to be,” she answered, staring at the phone at the same time.
– Not passed, fuck, and the year!

Taxi pulled up.
Motherfuckers! – cursing, she shoved the phone back into her pocket.
We opened the beer, made a sip.
Tanya lit a cigarette, but I continued to inspect Tanya’s apartment.
She seems to have noticed.
– Che, like the apartment? She asked, not without a smile.
– I suppose you wonder where there is so much dough? Do you want to smoke? – No, I do not smoke – I took another sip.
– But from where the money for such a mansion, would not refuse to listen.
– Well as you know.
Although it is correct, do not fuck you my cigarettes to smoke, – her voice sounded rough.
– I work as a pimp, Sasha.
For a couple with Kolyan.
Pretty profitable.
– kidding me! – I was stunned, to be honest. webcam toy video recorder
I very clearly represented her in the lower ranks of society, and not only her, but did not expect it to be true.
– Yes, so that the horse fucked me, if it is not so! – She raised her voice and dragged on.

She was clearly proud of her vocation.
“Some of my school girlfriends are also in business.”
True, they work at the front line, if you understand, – she winked at me.
“Here, remember my friend Cristina?” Chubby such.
She at the first opportunity you spit in the tea in the canteen when you turned away.
Now the pig can suck all the juice out of your cock if you wish.
Some more time has passed.
The beer has already been finished.
Tanya told me about her friends, about their sexual preferences, prices and much more.
These stories began to turn me on, a member gave signs of life.
– Well, what about you and Kolya? – I tried to translate the topic.
– Everything is super! – boasted Tanya.
“It helps the girls to deliver to customers, and I don’t even know what I would do without him.”
And what is he in bed, you would know! – in her eyes filled with lust.
– How do I adore his dick, his smell.

He is a real male who knows what a girl needs.
Feeling when your pussy is drilled with such a hose indescribably.
She continued to brag about the guy, but I did not listen.
I imagined how he enters his dick into her and begins to hollow, as she screams and wriggles under him, as after their fucking his seed pours out of her bosom.
– I suppose, right now, cumming from my words, – interrupting my fantasies, Tanya sarcastically looked at me.
– Why not? When two loving people have sex – this is normal.
I’m just pleased to know that everything is fine with you.
“Just don’t pussy me here,” she interrupted me.
– I give the head to cut off that you had no idea how to fuck me in all possible poses.
I have not found her to answer this.
“I see,” Tanya last pulled over and extinguished a cigarette.
– Do you have a girlfriend? “We broke up,” I replied.
“Not too good for girls.”
“I even know why,” she got up from the table and walked toward me, bent over my face, squeezed my chin.
– Open your mouth.

I do not know why, but I obeyed her and, in the next instant, she spat there.
– Because you are a sucker and a loser.
You always have been, ”she spoke slowly, clearly pronouncing every word.
– You are not able to give the girls what they want.
You may be a good guy, Sash, but you are only good enough to lick holes in us.
You had to be born a heifer.
– I’d better go.
“I didn’t finish it,” she prevented me from getting up.
– Admit it, you miss those times.
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