cute girl webcam masturbator And I was looking forward to this day.
And finally, this day has come.
I dressed in festive clothes: a short light-colored dress with transparent stockings, sandals on a long heel and a bunch of various decorations.
We met at the registry office.

He was wearing casual clothes: jeans and a T-shirt.
We entered the registry office and put our signatures.
And then the gentleman suddenly said: “Let’s go, whore!” I felt a little uncomfortable, because the aunt, in whose room we sat, heard this.
I blushed and silently married my husband.
As soon as we left the registry office, he slapped me in the face.
What are you, scum, do not answer me? I just looked at him in silence, not understanding what he was holding back tears from a sharp blow.
I told you, “Let’s go, damn you,” and you should answer me, “I obey, sir,” he explained to me, and he harshly threw out: “get used to it, bitch I lowered my eyes and quietly said: “Sorry, sir.”
Then we came home.
He let me quickly go to my place and pick up at least a few things.
To this he gave me exactly ten minutes.
But my house was located two kilometers, so I did not have time to keep within this time.
I already took the most basic of clothes, so as not to linger long.

But I was twenty minutes late.
My lord became very angry with me and began to thrash me with a belt from the very beginning. tube webcam gay
I fell, but he ordered me to kneel, and when I got up, the blows resumed.
He beat him five times a minute.
It turns out that all he struck me a hundred blows.
I could barely stand it.
Then he ordered to undress and began to dictate his rules to me: I should always be naked at home, even in the presence of strangers; I am forbidden to get up from my knees, if there was no order from the lord; I am forbidden to go to the toilet more than twice a day, and even then every trip to the toilet must be earned; I am forbidden to sleep more than five hours a day; I am obliged to call my husband only the lord or master; I am obliged to fulfill all the orders of the master without reference I must silently endure all the mockery of me; I am forbidden to contact the lord without permission; I am forbidden to have my will and desires.
After saying these words, he ordered me to suck.
I was agitated with my fingers and grabbed his fly and wanted to unbutton it, but I instantly got a slap in the face.
What are you, whore! He shouted.
– From now on, you must do everything with your pagan mouth!

Understand whore ?! Yes sir, I replied.
– Excuse me.
I grabbed the zipper lock with my teeth and began to unbutton my fly, then a button, and then with my teeth pulled off my underpants.
Before my face turned out to be an impressive member.
I have never had to take in my mouth and I gently squeezed his penis with my lips, then slowly began to run my tongue over his head.
Cock began to rise and I’m accelerating the pace began to suck.
The gentleman grabbed my hair and began to push me deeper.
It lasted quite a long time.
As soon as he felt that he was approaching an orgasm, he would tear my head from his penis, and then again shove it in my mouth.
So lasted two hours.
I was very tired of this procedure and I felt disgusted with it, but I understood that I myself went for it and now I have to endure it.
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