free private webcam sex At the faculty, the overwhelming majority of students are girls, which, on the one hand, could not but rejoice, on the other hand, they ran so much that it was difficult to choose a companion.
However, now we are not talking about classmates.
It was at the end of September.
The teacher, who taught foreign language classes to our group, as I remember, left for a business trip, having instructed her to take a couple to some fifth-year trainee.

Then I did not suspect that I would see her not only as a teacher.
Although at first everything was completely unremarkable.
She really did have a few couples with us.
I can not say that I liked her. free private webcam sex
But there was something about her.
One day after class, she asked me to help her carry some books to the pulpit.
I, of course, agreed.
When I was about to leave, she looked at me strangely and seemed to touch my hand by chance.
It was clear that all this was for a reason, but I hardly believed that something could come out of it.
That’s what they do, however, with a girl five years of study at a strictly female faculty.
Or maybe I made it all up myself? I myself during these years looked at each girl like meat.
What happened the next day put everything in its place.
In the evening I left the university later than usual.
It was the rare case when the elevator came empty and I went downstairs alone.
However, two floors below the elevator stopped, the doors opened.
Before me stood none other than her.
She was then 22 years old, she was medium height, a head smaller than me, blond, slim, with a small elastic chest. free private webcam sex