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I returned to the table.
The dance was over, but my wife did not return, after about 20 minutes I went to the site, 2 girls were standing on it and 3 guys were talking, laughing, breathing in nicotine.
From this platform there was a staircase to the third floor, but in order not to go there, a turnstile was set up and a rope was tense.

Having stood a little and was tormented by thoughts where my wife was, I decided to go upstairs. vika73 web sex
(The protagonist witnessed a wife quarreling with him, fucking a foreign man – approx.
) Having stepped over the rope, I began to slowly climb, on the stairs and above there was no cruel lighting, only at the end of the stairs there was a platform and a large window through the windows of which the light from the street lantern fell.
Reaching half of the stairs, I saw my wife leaning against the window sill of his wife and the same guy who was standing hugging her and caressing her neck, his hands slipped somewhere at the level of my wife’s hips. free random webcam chat