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Did I buy it for you in vain? I set a baby pot in front of Sasha.
– Come on, admit, why did you run to the toilet, – I asked, – Write or crap? Sasha blushed deeply and looked down in embarrassment.
– Why are you keeping silent? – I did not let up, – You do not know how it is necessary to ask for a pot? Nothing, I should take care of your upbringing.

The boy remained silent, staring at his feet.
“I ask again,” I said sternly, “Do you want it small or large?” In the ensuing silence, suddenly a loud bunch was heard.
– That’s your answer, – Nastya laughed.
Red as a cancer, the boy farted again – even louder than the last time.
– Quickly take off the panty hoses and sit on the pot! – I ordered Sasha and without waiting for the reaction of the boy, she pulled off her pantyhose.
Left without panties, Sasha reached out with his hands to his groin to cover himself, but I did not let him do it.
– How shy he is with you, – Nastya smiled, – Our three-year-old Maxim, on the contrary, loves everyone to show his scribble.

“And you, Sasha, are even less — only two years old,” I said derisively, “You should also like to demonstrate the boy’s device workers.”
Only you somehow turn away from Aunt Nasty.
I turned the embarrassed boy to face Nastya.
– Wait like this, – I smiled, – Let Nastya look at your scribble.
Sasha again tried to hide behind, but I slapped him on the bare ass.
“You will receive each time,” I said to the boy, “I will disaccustom you to hide behind.”
Now sit on the pot and do your children’s work.
Of course, sitting on the pot, the boy did not think there to crap. how to record video on a webcam
I persuaded Sasha for five whole minutes, but I didn’t achieve anything from him except for a few loud bunches.
– And what should I do with such a stubborn one? – I sighed, turning to Nastya.
– Maybe he does not want big? – smiled Nastya.
“Yeah, I don’t want to,” I said, “Look at him.”
Even as he wants! Can not see? – Try to massage the tummy, – Nastya advised.
– How? – I asked.
– In circular movements just below the navel, – explained Nastya, – Now I will show you.

Nastya came up to Sasha and squatted next to him, put her palm on the boy’s stomach.
“We’ll massage the tummy,” she smiled tenderly, pressing Sasha on the stomach, “How dense he is.”
Nothing, now Sashulya pokes and immediately feels better.
The boy once again loudly farted.
“Such a suspicious bunch,” Nastya remarked with a sly smile, “Look, Olka, what’s in his pot.”
I sat down in front of Sasha on the carpet and unceremoniously parted the boy’s legs, looked between them in the children’s pot.
“Empty,” I reported.
“Then we will continue to massage the tummy,” Nastya smiled tenderly to the boy. “Once the bunches started to come out, it means that the kaki will soon come out.
Sasha tried to close his knees, but I did not let him do it.
– Let’s spread the legs wider, – I smiled, pushing Sasha’s knees apart, – That’s it.
So that I can see what you are doing on the pot.
“So funny,” Nastya said with a smile, continuing to massage Sasha’s stomach. “We’re playing with him alone, as if the boy really is two years old.”
After half a minute of intense massage Sasha began to fart again.

“Now she pokes,” Nastya said confidently.
She turned out to be right, because with the next Sasha’s bunch a small brown sausage fell into the pot.
– What is so little? – I asked the boy with mock discontent, – Come on, poop it up.
And then I’ll take you to aunt Lena to give you an enema again.
Instead of answering, Sasha loudly put a big pile into the pot.
– How enema got scared! – I laughed, – Immediately piled on a full pot.
With a smile, Nastya looked into Sasha’s pot – just when the characteristic murmur came from there.
“I remembered to pee,” I smiled.
“Such a ridiculous trickle,” Nastya said with a laugh.
The boy blushed deeply and again tried to close his knees.
– Do not move your legs, – I smiled, watching Sasha’s trickle, – What, it is already impossible to see how you write?
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