hidden camera sex in the office Jake threw his gaze down and really saw the erect penis rising between Alan’s legs.
He immediately made an attempt again to go down to the member and continue to caress, but Alan stopped him saying.
– Wait, continue our program.
After that, he forced Jake to roll over on his stomach and tighten his legs under his stomach, so that Jake’s ass was raised and was just at the level of Jake’s penis.

Then, brushing his shaving cream with his shaving cream, he took it in one hand, the other spread Jake’s buttocks and put his dick in the hole of the anus.
Jake felt Alan’s cock rest on his anus, then Alan leaned over him and asked him.
-Are you ready? -Yes.
At the same time, Alan began to move forward as a member.
Jake felt severe pain when the head of the penis began to pass into his anus.

Alan whispered in his ear.
– Do not strain, it will be easier.
Jake tried to relax as much as possible. webcam porn compilation
He did it.
Alan was right, as soon as he relaxed things went easier, a member, almost unrestrained, began to easily enter the anus.
True, the ass still ached, but not so much.
And now the head of the penis has already passed the sphincter.
Alan, who could not restrain himself, could not stand it and with a sharp jerk drove into Jake the rest of the length of his member, forcing his friend to scream sharply.
And then he started to fuck Jake with sharp movements.
He almost completely took out his penis, and then drove him so deeply inside that the eggs of both guys collided with particularly strong shocks.
Gradually, his tremors grew faster and faster, at the same instant Jake felt that he should end now, and not touching his penis with his hands, and at the same time his 22-centimeter member threw a tight stream of sperm onto the sheet.

At the same time, the muscles of his anus began to contract, thus stimulating Alan’s member, and in turn, making a powerful push, such a force that his eggs almost entered Jake’s anus, he began to pour his sperm into his ass.
After a while, his limp cock slipped out of Jake’s ass and Alan, exhausted, fell back, breathing hard.
Nearby, also breathing heavily and unable to rise, lay Jake.
From his extended anus Alan’s sperm flowed.
Something like gathering the strength in himself, Jake got up and went into the shower.
hidden camera sex in the office