hot webcam masturbate You understand that this is forever? Do you remember that in ours, as you put it “games”, – his lips, uttering this word, angrily twisted, – you have no right to refuse? He waited for my answer, firmly holding my chin and urging me not to look away.
I was trembling, unable to say anything – the tongue seemed to crouch to my throat.
– What happened? – He demanded – you yourself say, or do you want me to get an answer? – I shivered, – You know that it will give me pleasure! I realized that I lost. amatuer teen webcam strip
I didn’t want to lose him, didn’t want to lose the bliss of our dark bedroom, that fullness of feelings and life that I felt when I was a toy in his hands: “I broke the rule,” I whispered, turning pale under his gaze.

Relief flashed in his eyes, he was scared no less than mine, because if I wanted to break off our agreement, he would not dare to hold me back, he loved too much.
Following this, I saw on his face run satisfaction, joy, anticipation and.
After all, I just gave him the opportunity to punish me. hot webcam masturbate