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a member stood a stake and he immediately began to smoke.
“Come on girl, try,” he said softly.
And I began to work on his elda.

By that time, I already knew homosexual contact and for me it was not new, but the situation was so unexpected that I was very afraid.
But gradually, I came to my senses, his hand was already just lying on my head, and my driver spoke in a calm voice that he did not foresee trouble.
And the situation began to get me a little bit, but I tried not to show it, I just sucked this healthy guy his dick.
After a few minutes of my efforts, my neck began to hurt a little, t.
the car was not very comfortable, but then I felt that he was increasingly driving his dick into my mouth in such a way that I was afraid that I would throw up.
He quickened the pace, and now his hand on my head set the pace, speeding up and quickening him, and now he sharply pulls my head off his penis and the jet of sperm hits my lips and cheeks, I didn’t even have time to understand how again my mouth is again filled with his member, which continues and continues to throw out his sperm, I had to swallow everything, and he just sighed and said that I was a good girl, that I was good, and that I would get out all the way.

I did what he wanted.
And I managed to raise my head and quietly sit in my seat.
Only I relaxed, catching the breath, as I was frightened by the persistent knocking on the car door from the driver’s side.
There was a smiling guy, about the same build, as the driver, and he seemed to be standing there for a long time.
“Slava, Call, call and you do not open the door?”, He said, smiling.
Now I knew how to call the driver, but he was not easier, I understood that this was clearly not the end.
“What have you got here?” Continued no acquaintance.
“Yes, here’s a girl alone, decided to pass without a ticket.” on line sex cam fry
“Duc Etozh kid,” replied his friend, “What the hell is this boy, if he sucks like that,” and they both began to neigh.
What is your name, the driver asked.
“Sasha,” I squeezed out of myself, quietly fucking with the whole situation.
“Nice to meet you, Katya,” said Slava, and they began to neigh again.
“Quickly, climb into the back seat,” I did not dare to disobey and climbed backwards between the seats.

You are a good nipple, you are good at it, but at night there is a double rate with surcharges, so please pay in full.
At this time, the second smiling bull was climbing the backseat.
“Well, Katyusha, show me what you can.”
I he began to lower his pants and underwear.
I got more comfortable and took in his mouth is not yet strong member, after a few seconds, he recovered completely and already filled almost all of my mouth.
I started to move up and down, tried to do everything as best as possible, because again my excitement mixed up with my fear and my penis stood as much as a stake.
Sometimes, in my fantasies, I imagined myself in a similar situation, and this terribly excited me, and now I worked harder and harder to be a member of it.
And the guys cheered me up with shouts, “Come on Katka, work,” “Good slut,” and this excited me more and more.
And again, I felt a hand on my head, a few quicker movements, and now his cock explodes with a stream of sperm, I try to swallow it, but I don’t have time and it flows along my chin.

So he loosened his grip, lifted my head a bit and started to stroke the member on my face, after a while he put it in my mouth again, made me lick, and put my hand away.
“Katka, you’re a super-nipple,” said the second buddy, they both laughed.
“Look, Slava, yes he is worth it.”
“Did you like with us, girl?” Asked Slavka.
I was silent.
Did you like it, saw how I sucked? On, said Slavka, pulling me some piece of paper with a mobile phone number.
Call if you want.
“And now I think you will reach home by yourself, especially not very far from here.
Or do you want to take a ride? “Asked Slavka.
They both laughed, and I was already out of the car.
Slavka got out on the other side of the car and shouted in my direction, “Katyusha, you call, do not be shy.”
I was walking down the street, trying to somehow wipe my face from sperm.
On the one hand, it was a shame that they humiliated me like this, but I could not do anything, but on the other, I liked it a lot and excited what was happening: my dick still stood and interfered with fast walking.

I neatly folded the piece of paper with the phone and put it in my pocket, but it would come in handy: (The story is fictional, just a fantasy, all the coincidences are random :))
My name is Roman.
The story I want to tell you happened to me a year ago.
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