how to turn on your webcam He offered me a meeting and I agreed.
We did not discuss anything, he told me only a stop word (the word, after uttering the lower one, stopped the upper one and all its actions during the session) and set a time for the meeting.
I came to him, he was ready and showed the execution room.
There were: a couch with straps for fixing arms and legs, a gynecological chair, too, with straps for fixing, a small table where his toys lay, shackles for whipping (like in the 18th century) and a bed.

The walls were white, and the room is closed for 2 locks. chubby blonde teen webcam
We entered and he said: Now I will change into a doctor, and you wait outside the door.
After he changed his clothes, he said: Come in.
I entered and saw him wearing a white robe, cooked enemas and injections, was surprised, but not frightened.
He asked: – What hurts you? It hurts.
It hurts pisya.
So, strip to the goal and lie down on the chair.
I undressed and sat on the gynecological chair, he fastened me with straps and began to inspect the sex lips.
Then he looked ass said: Aha! how to turn on your webcam