hp hd webcam 3100 Sveta meanwhile jerked off her swollen pussy and licked her fingers.
“Give it to my mouth,” she said.
I realized that she suffered.
He took out a member of her asshole and put it in her mouth.

She grabbed a member and began to just suck it.
– Sasha cum in my mouth – she asked.
I did not have to persuade! We slept that night like dead.
In the morning, after waking up, we went to our bedroom, where Denis slept on our family bed.
We unceremoniously fell into bed.
Svetlana lay down between us, Denis woke up, immediately grabbed Sveta’s chest, began to crush them and kiss.
It was exciting: I’m with my wife and another man in broad daylight, lying in bed and talking peacefully.
And my wife is naked, and so are we.
And then I thought that Sveta would give us a blowjob, which I asked her to do.
– Well, you lie down so that the members were near, – she asked.
“Why bother,” I asked.
– Well, how do I suck you at the same time.
WHAT!!!! ! Sveta wants to suck two cocks at the same time.
My wife will now sit on her mouth on two members at once !!!! I went to the roof.
Denis and I settled down so that our members were practically together and Sveta began to suck them, then one by one, then shoving them together in her mouth.

That was really exciting !!! Having sucked our fuckers, Sveta sat on me and turned to Denis: – Denis insert me in the ass. watch me masturbate on cam
Denis, too, has already gotten into the taste and says: “Ask yourself how it is for a woman who has sex with two men at the same time,” and he winked at me.
– What is it like? – asks Sveta.
“Like a whore,” I told her.
– Well, okay, you bastards, – Light laughed, – Denis fuck me in the ass! My balls almost burst from her words.
My wife, the mother of our daughter, sits on my cock and asks another man to fuck her in the ass! Denis came up from behind, took Sveta by the boobs and I felt my dick getting tight in her pussy.
First, slowly, and then accelerating everything Denis entered Svetkin’s ass.
Sveta began to bend and began to moan.
– Fuck, like fuck, come on Denis, come on stronger, ebi !! We tried to glory! Denis so drove his stake in the ass of my wife, that I thought he would break her partition between ass and pussy.
And then Sveta issued: – Guys, fuck me together in one place.
– In which? – I asked her.
– In any, you want in your pussy, you want in the ass.
Denis pulled a member of her ass and began to push in pussy.
My feelings do not convey.
After some time, Sveta jumped off our members, pushed Denis onto the bed, turned her back on him and immediately sat down with the anus on his dick.

She grabbed my hands and almost screamed: – Sasha, let’s fuck up, let’s boys fuck me like a real whore! I finished in a minute and left the room.
In the evening, Sveta and I sat in the kitchen, Denis left, and said that he needed to be at home.
Light in a dressing gown on a naked body, legs raised on a chair, revealing a stunning view of her pussy.
– Well, we fucked up with you, and hubby, – she asked, she said.
– Yeah.
Did you like it? – Yeah! – repeat? – Well, there will be a case, we repeat.
– Now everything depends on us, we can arrange these cases ourselves.
– Okay, look, let’s rest.
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