lesbian webcam first time All these poses worked as isometric exercises – exhausting, but I was forced to perform them by a powerful stimulus.
The impetus was a whip – and every time after this whip my whole body was covered with bruises and bruises.
Of course, all my tan disappeared long ago, being replaced by the total lack of sun, the deadly whiteness of the skin.
I still hoped to convince him to let me out in the sun, to get at least a little vitamin E – at least for a little bit, in exchange for anything.

My determination did not weaken in this — on the contrary, she helped me focus on still outwitting him.
I have already said that I have nothing.
Apart from the chains, of course.
They rang while walking, but I was already used to them so much that I hardly noticed.
Now I will describe my “jewelry”.
He put a stainless steel collar around my neck, made, apparently, specially for my measurements.
About two fingers wide, it was riveted tightly – light, comfortable and very durable.

The edges were smoothed so as not to cut my skin, and the gap between the neck and the metal was barely enough to stick my finger.
In the front part there was a loop, to which, according to his wish, the chain was sometimes fastened.
The collar could even be called beautiful – if it were not for the position which he symbolized with himself, and this symbolism was clearly part of his plans.
My waist girdled a copy of this collar – wider and with two loops on the sides.
In each of these loops dangling around a ring the size of a coin of 50 cents. hidden camera sex homemade
This “accessory” was also tightly riveted and perfectly fitted to my size – provided, of course, that I would not gain weight, which in my position I was hardly threatened.
My ankles and wrists covered steel bracelets, with a thin layer of foam pasted on the inside — tent mats are made of this.
The bracelets could be put on and fastened on the lock – they usually stayed in that position until it occurred to him that a pair of extra ropes or straps could make Jen’s life even more painful.

Now, when I stood in front of the mirror, all the bracelets were on me.
In addition, a thin chain connected a bracelet on his left hand with a bracelet on his left foot, and the same chain connected both right bracelets.
These chains were passed through rings on the belt.
When I stood up straight, the chains were stretched so that my hands were tightly pressed against the rings, and I looked like a cowboy preparing to grab the pistols.
To scratch my nose, I had to lift my leg in order to loosen the chain attached to my wrist.
The system is truly devilish.
Because of her, I had to squat or kneel just to eat.
In the same way, you had to wash your hair or brush your teeth.
All for the benefit of the slave.
Also, he could, with just one lock, couple both wrist bracelets with a collar, and after that I could only move on bent legs, as a result.
It is no wonder that my leg muscles were so trained.
Perhaps I should also describe my room.

It was a converted double garage under his house.
Along its entire perimeter was a freshly built wall of concrete blocks.
Anyone who opened the garage door outside would only have rested against this wall.
For all possible purposes, it was soundproofed.
Together with the outer walls of the house, the concrete that absorbed any sounds created an ideally quiet room, in which only its only inhabitant, me, created all the rustling.
I heard him upstairs when he was at home – nothing covered the ceiling beams, and, apparently, in some rooms there were no carpets on top.
I unwittingly studied all the creaking floorboards, steps and other imperceptible sounds that made up life inside the house above.
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