lesbian webcam mom Despite my appetite, I did not gain any weight or form.
My sisters were berries, all with them.
So the family decided that the Empire would not offend the subject, so go.
At the recruiting station, I read the message for the newlyweds.

Escort – service support troops of all types, or specialization.
Troops need girls whom they lack.
For such a service, the Empire will teach us and will provide work at the end of hostilities or according to merit during this.
Sounded not bad.
And there was no special choice.
Almost immediately, they made it clear to me that the set-up would begin in an hour, when there would be more “willing” people.
I waited, I was joined by three more girls.
We all met at once.
The girls, too, were not eager to go to the front, but the relatives have the power and the truth.
Until the reception began, I examined everyone.
Victoria is a brown-haired woman with a big ass, but completely without a breast, she was very active in communicating with everyone and often giggled.
The second was Gyra – it was a plump girl with large forms, all at once, even her cheeks slightly hung, she was on the contrary, quiet and modest.
The third – Snezha, a girl, just like me – about nothing.
In general, when the time came, they gave us brochures and said that they would invite us.

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The brochure said that we do not receive salaries, our parents will receive a salary and not a small one.
She was invited first, she left ten minutes later and was pleased, said she was given category “A”, and rushed out of the hull.
Then they invited the rest, Snezha, received the category “P”, and Vika “H”.
Then I went.
Three people sat behind the door, a girl and two men, they immediately asked what I wanted, and I replied that I did not know.
Then the girl asked: – Do you like sex? “Yes,” I answered nervously.
I had no illusions about the escort, but at once.
– Chest sensitive? – Highly.
– I did not lie, even though she is small, but very sensual.
– Anal? – Have not tried.
– Commission quietly began negotiations.
Then a man asked.
– Do you know what will happen to you? – Not.
– Agree to everything? – I remembered the words of my father about “The Empire will not offend.”
– Agree.
– Put your hand here and arrive here in the evening, with a minimum of things.
The shuttle leaves at midnight.
You have been assigned the category “T”.
That’s all.
I put my hand and the equipment counted all the data.
The commission immediately issued me a printed pass and sent me.
I arrived at the point with a small bag, where there were interchangeable things, clothes, some money, apples from the garden.

The girls were there too.
We again caught the tongues and wondered about the categories.
Vika said she was coming here herself, since her three fuckers are already in the army, and then she is bored.
We laughed, but understood her mood.
We were launched and sent for a physical examination.
In the modern world, this is a simple procedure, entered the chamber, were irradiated by all the streams and came out, the map is ready.
Our things were taken away, and in return were given overalls.
It was inconvenient enough to stretch the tight-fitting overalls over the naked body, but everyone did it.
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