live cam jasmine Third, the punishment.
If you disobey me, then I will punish you.
One of the main punishments is a ban on sex.
For example, I see that you and slave Natasha are in love with each other – I don’t mind.

My whores have the right to mate with each other together or three if I am pleased with them.
But if you somehow upset me, I will handcuff you and the “chastity belt”, put you in a cage and make you watch how your darling is given to me, and you can’t even finish.
3aaaaa what a sweet torture it is – when your segment is standing and the eggs are ready to explode from excess sperm? Ask Natasha, she will tell you.
Do you understand everything? – Yes, Madam, I understood.
– Hands behind your back, a prostitute! – commanded the girl.
– And now – suck me.
I dutifully bowed to her penis and put a head in my mouth.
Lena impatiently leaned forward, so that the member was in my mouth for the entire length.
The head was somewhere in the throat.
I stuck my nose in the neatly shaved pubis of the Lady.
– Suck, fuck! – Lena repeated.

I gently pulled away, so that the head of the segment was between my lips.
The salty taste of grease filled my mouth.
I began to lick the head and drive my tongue over the bridle of the penis up to the exit hole and back.
“And you,” said the Lady to Natasha, “you can use her posterior vagina.”
I see how you want it! – Thank you, Madam! – answered Natasha and immediately pulled off my thong and joined me from behind.
I felt her fingers take the anal plow out of me, and now her segment is already in me.
I was strung on two phallus.
Two girls began to fuck me in unison, pushing their members towards each other.
The head of Mrs.’s member penetrated my throat, almost not allowing breathing.
My anus, impaled on the organ of Natasha, was stretched to the limit.
Natasha pierced me so much that it seemed to me that her head was found in my throat with the head of a member of the Lady. live cam jasmine
– Well, how do you like it when you have two sides? – asked Lena, slapping me on the back.
– Prostitute, damn it!

Get ready, now your Mistress will feed you with her sperm! Do not try to shed a single drop on the floor, slave! This liquid must be sacred to you! – I finish, Mistress! – Natasha cried out.
– Yes, rybynya, cum in this damn! – answered Lena.
– Download your sperm in her vagina! Natasha clung to my thighs, leaning on my back and forcefully pushed my dick into me.
And I felt that my “vagina” is filled with hot fluid.
At this time, Lena once again planted my mouth on her phallus, and streams of sperm poured into my throat.
I diligently swallowed, and I was lucky not to utter a single drop.
Lena let my hair go only after I sucked and swallowed all the sperm from her penis.
Natasha came out of me, and I, exhausted, fell to the floor.
My dick, which was never discharged, continued to stand.
I put my hand between my buttocks – Natasha’s sperm flowed out of the anus.
I found my plow lying on the floor and put it in myself.
Madam nodded approvingly: – Correct.

In the anus, a slave whore should always have either a penis or a plow.
Well, what sprawled? Stand up! Go get me a bath! I want to freshen up and relax.
And you, two whores, go to the bedroom and make me a bed.
I got up, and then Lena noticed that my dick was still, like a stone.
– Look, this whore did not finish! – exclaimed Mistress.
– Answer me, slave, didn’t you like it when I had you in my mouth ?! “I liked it, Madam,” I replied, again dropping to her knees in front of her.
– I just have not learned how to cum like a girl without touching a member.
“She will learn,” Natasha said.
– She needs to be fucked more often, and she will learn.
“Well, okay,” Lena relented.
– Go to the bath, do what is said.
When Mrs. entered the bathroom, she was already waiting for a full bath of hot soapy water.
Lena took off her robe and sat down in the water.
Obeying her order, I took off all my clothes and climbed into the bath too.
Lena told me to take the soap and lather her breasts and stomach.

I knelt to the right of the Lady and began to soap her beautiful body.
Then Lena knelt beside me and leaned forward a little.
Her beautiful round buttocks so attracted me that I could not resist and kissed them – first left, then right.
Lena told me to soap her ass.
As I wanted her, just crazy with desire! But I still had a “chastity belt”, and the lovely hole of the Lady was inaccessible to my penis.
“You can wash me with your finger,” Lena prompted.
She played with me, showing me her beautiful body, knowing full well how I want her.
I put a little shower gel on my index finger and gently inserted it into the anus of the Lady.
– Yes, move your finger there, whore! – there was the intermittent voice of the girl.
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