omegle lesbian cam I work for him as a cleaner.
Here so orders me for 2-3 hours.
It is clear that the whore is not a simple cleaning lady, but with interest.
When I come, I immediately go into the room to change clothes, or rather, rather, undress.

I clean up almost naked, from the clothes on me only a bandage on my head, white with laces, and a small apron barely covering my shaved pussy, the upper part of which is fastened with clothespins to the nipples.
Then, on my knees, I give Dmitry Alekseevich (so he asks me to apply to him) a tray with anal plugs of various diameters, so that he chooses the one with which I will wash floors today (unless I get rid of them, and I’ll not be replaced right in the process with cork more).
The choice almost does not depend on me, almost because I can randomly guess Dmitry Alekseevich’s mood in makeup, hairdo or clothes and get a very thin cork in the ass, but I can get under the hot hand and endure almost 3 hours of a rather thick cork that tears me apart Yes, and get a belt.

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Yesterday Dmitry Alekseevich was completely in a bad mood, besides, I managed to be 15 minutes late, which he doesn’t like at all.
Punctuality is another of his fad, I usually arrive a little bit in advance and wait for the appointed time under the door, ring the doorbell and remind myself it is impossible.
org) And then late.
Of course, he chose almost the biggest cork, ordered me to bend over and stretch my ass, and instead of the usual lubricant, I simply spat on the hole and with a force stuck the cork in me until the very end.
I have long been in the pope is not a virgin, but from a sharp pain, I caught my breath.
I didn’t come to my senses when he pulled out the cork with force and with the words “I changed my mind” thrust the thickest one into me.
I cried, the priest ached so that it seemed to be torn apart.
– Painfully? – he asked.
– Yes, Dmitry Alekseevich.

Please forgive me.
I won’t be late anymore.
How can I make you happy and smooth my guilt? – Replace? – Yes please.
– Thank you, – I rushed to kiss his hands.
– Do not thank me, I have a bad day today, I will still play for you, bitch.
Substitute your ass, pull out.
He pulled out the cork, not as sharply as the previous time, but not very slowly.
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