paula thai webcam This is a night count.
I took one client to Kuzminki, and then stopped at the curb there to smoke.
I look, in front along the bus from the bushes a woman climbs out.
Well, not exactly on all fours, no! on the feet goes, but very uncertainly so.

Immediately clear that drunk.
But not some slut, “blue-eyed” sub-election, and the clothing shows that it is decent.
She adjusted her skirt, shook it off from all sides, looked around, then saw my car with cubes, the light was green and crawled to me as best I could.
Goes, swaying like this in high heels, ass dangling back and forth, and look fall.
She came, it means, and the forehead forward climbs into the open window to me.
I look pretty, drunk of course, well, just in the ass, lipstick all over the face is smeared, but pretty little face.
Sponges so plump that I immediately thought about minetik.
To put her between these two sponges, let them suck.
“Chief,” – says, – “Will you take me to Izmailovo?” But why not take, of course.
She flopped to me in the back seat, well, we went.
We’re going, I lit another cigarette.
And inside everything is already so zandrazhirovalo, everything is so played.
My counter clicks, and at every kilometer the dick becomes harder and harder.

I sort of dispel the thoughts; at work, I’m a client, I try to follow the road, and they, these mean thoughts, are all back to the same thing. paula thai webcam
I wanted to fuck, just like a passion.
Well, I think, come what may.
Will give-fuck, will not give, so I’m right on it and jerk off, at least a little easier.
And then, well, I still have the whole night to turn the steering wheel, and when the eggs ache what kind of work is there.
We were just passing by some kind of garages.
Well, I went there and wrapped it, then another, another.
And here is a dead end.
I’m a wilderness of the car, I turn around back, like talking, and I don’t talk to anyone, this cunt is already asleep, sleeping, as they say, without hind legs.
Opanki, I think, that’s all right, I’ll take it so warm at once and take it.
He came out, pissed around, looked around, it was dark, a place like a deaf, no one would interfere, he spat for good luck, well, and crawled there, to her, to this woman, in the back seat.
She sleeps, even snores a little.
I sniffed her.
Fuck! Fume bears.
and this.
you know.
Well, in general, I feel as if by a dick from her mouth it smells.
and sperm.
Well, of course, they got a woman drunk and fucked.
I still thought flashed.

Well, fuck her, who knows who fucked her there.
still pick what.
I thought so, but he actually wanted more from it.
Dick in the pants, so you know, vzhim-vzhim, vzhim-vzhim, expand-relax, expand-relax.
In short, fuck! cure, if that.
Well, her hand grabbed her boobs, but there is no bra.
Then again under the skirt, and Tama-ah! Well, you can not imagine! There are no pants too, the stockings with elastic bands are stretched, one stocking is torn all over the thigh and cunt.
mo-ra-i-a !!!.
you just have no idea how wet it is, as if in oil.
It can be seen after such an ebla, there was so much sperm pumped into her that she had not even had time to dry.
Well, here I am! Control lost.
pants down, his legs pulled up and there to her.
paula thai webcam