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But we are people too and we celebrate too! – Going up to Tanya, not wiping a smile from her face, Lera nodded her head in the direction of an almost empty plastic beer glass.
– So you went to the sink before! Bad girl! – joking and smiling, said Tanya.
– Well, what to do if everything is busy, and it is already impossible to endure, not to write in panties! – Lera answered with a joke.

– At night discos, when a large queue forms in the female toilet, girls always fit the toilet sink, didn’t you see it? – I saw! But she always endured to the real toilet! – embarrassed, but beaming with a smile, answered Tanya.
– So! Vanya and Misha will come in ten minutes, we will have time.
– Lera said, looking at the wall clock.
– Only I am the first, otherwise I drank a liter of beer! – She added, smiling, going to the sink.
– Good! Just hurry, and then the Uss! In me, too, liter! – without ceasing to smile, Tanya said, sitting down on a chair and crossing her legs.

Lera turned her back to the sink, first lowered her shorts to her knees, then orange thong bathing panties, with knots on the harness on the sides.
Tanya closely watched this, because she was bisexual.
Such a sight stirred her up, and for a moment she forgot that she wanted to go to the toilet – the clitoris began to swell with excitement.
Looking at Leroux and smiling, Tanya noticed that Lera, too, looks back at her, and also smiles.
Lera also related to bi, but Tanya did not know.
Apparently, they became friends on the first day only because they felt something close to each other. george campbell morgan
At one point, Lera took the sides of the sink with her hands, and jumped on it.
Tanya’s eyes opened up a neatly shaved kitty, which made the excitement more intense, and Tannin’s clitoris simply began to blaze.
Lera, meanwhile, made herself comfortable on the emergency toilet, looking from Tanya to her knees.
When Lera slightly lowered her ass inside the sink, and was about to release a jet, she vibrated her mobile phone, just lying near the sink.

Lera and Tanya looked sharply at him.
Lera took him in her hand and quoted: – Sasha! – She looked at Tanya and smiled again – This is my boyfriend! Lera pressed the reception key, and jumped off the sink.
– Hello! Sasha, wait a second.
– Lera joking, grimacing, clutching at the crotch and opening her mouth, sat down a little, but after a second she pulled her panties with shorts with both hands, and cheerfully, looking at Tanya smiling, nodded her head towards the sink.
Tanya rose, walked over to the sink, lifted her skirt, let go of the black, with thin shleykami thong, and also like Lera, holding on the sides with her hands, jumped on it.
– Hello! Hello! – began a telephone conversation Lera, coming closer to the door.
Tanya began to realize that she was awake.
She could not start writing.
Before her eyes were Lerins panties and kitty.
– I want to hang on! Already sat down, but you called! – jokingly reproaching and smiling, Lera continued the telephone conversation, already looking towards the window.

Tanya, meanwhile, was trying to concentrate.
She lowered the ass just below the sink.
– Yes, I have already given way to a friend in misfortune! – Lera said into the phone, and, smiling, turned in the direction of Tanya, looking and understanding that her friend was excited and could not start the procedure.
Tanya looked at Lera and smiled too, then winked.
Suddenly, Lera drew attention not only to Tanya’s smooth pussy, but also to a small, silver earring in the clitoris.
Such a course of events was not predicted.
A wave of excitement swept through Lerin, sexy body.
Tanya continued to focus.
Lera, listening to Sasha’s voice in the receiver, went to the window and pushed the blinds back.
Looking out the window, she saw a black jeep drove up to the side of the road and turned off the engine.
– Sasha, I’ll call you back in a couple of minutes! – quickly answered Lera and pressed the end key.
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