s cam brake assembly The institute ended and the passions subsided.
Grievances passed and we really became friends.
Best friends in the world.
From the side it was even probably possible to assume that we are a couple, but our relations were exclusively platonic.

We told each other absolutely everything, but never crossed this important, but not visible feature.
Then Olga had a tumultuous romance at work.
Classics of the genre.
Chief, older than her age by fifteen, married with two children.
My admonitions did not help her in any way, because he promised to divorce and marry her, besides, they had fantastic sex.
The end of this story turned out to be more than prosaic.
Zalet, muzhchinka promised to love and care, but soon left work and quietly merged and now in her 26 years, Olya is alone, pregnant, it is good that mom and dad take care.
Well, I like a good donkey, of course.
Olga is in the eighth month and I have become pretty used to her sudden Wishlist.
And here I am standing on the threshold of her apartment, in an elegant stalinka on Kutuzov Avenue and with the usual movement of a finger, I press the bell button.

Olya opened herself.
Worth smiling slyly.
But I’m worried about something, I know it.
What is she pot-bellied, my God, once again note to myself.
But it was such a thin.
And the boobs appeared, which he had never been.
– It should be a matter of life and death, no less – I declare immediately – You have no idea what I learned today! – blurts out not listening to me Olya – The doctor said that starting from the eighth month I need to actively develop the muscles of the vagina! I am small, and the fruit is large. strip tease webcam
In short, you need regular sex and vaginal massage.
And I have not had sex oh, how long ago.
And even before I didn’t even think about it, but now it’s already reducing everything, you can’t even imagine it – in a whisper, it’s obvious that the neighbors in the stairwell couldn’t hear, she was chattering.
To say that she put me in a stupor is to say nothing.
Yes, and the rapid flow of blood from what he heard, from the brain to the penis does not help.
– Why are you so red ?! – smiling asks asshole – Do you think I called you, then? – she giggles brazenly That’s why I’m here, eh?

But I am trying to take the most unbroken look.
– Well then.
I ask around acquaintances and neighbors.
Maybe someone will respond.
If anyone agrees, let you know – the sarcasm in my voice, despite all the efforts, is heard a mile away.
– Fool! This is one of us who is pregnant yet, you take offense as a young lady – Olya playfully blows lips – Okay, do not pout.
Well, to whom I will tell you this, and Bear? You’re my best bear! And you must help me! Just roll up your lips – her tone is again light and playful, as always.
– Well, find yourself someone.
I am what? – Fuuu.
I do not want anyone! Yes, and who pazarsya on me in the eighth month, but with such a paunch.
– There are always big boobs – I parry – Damn Bear, I’m serious.
I need this, well, as it is correctly called, dildo, vibrator, a huge rubber member! – the last words were spoken with a special feeling, making me smile.
Damn, well, what is she still pretty! – Well, do not laugh! I’m serious!

Buy me that! – You are crazy?! Where? In the sex shop? Big rubber dick ?! Olya, men do not buy such things! Yes, I burn with shame! – Some people buy – she smiles – In our relations with you, I am THIS and feel myself! – I’m blowing wildly.
– No, Olya.
Internet to help you! – I said as cut off.
and went to look for the nearest sex shop.
I will deliberately skip the part of the story where I buy a hefty rubber elda, so in 25 in the store for adults.
Let me just say that everything was not so scary.
Although the process of choosing a rubber product was not easy.
That same evening, I am writing SMS to Olga: “I bought it! It is huge and green! I hardly fit in the trunk of a taxi!
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