sex webcam archive Animals, birds and some of the insects are very fond of her – must be because she was a raised and gentle girl.
At least that’s what Malvina thought.
The beasts supplied her with everything necessary for life.
Mole brought nutritious roots.

Mice – sugar, cheese and sausage pieces.
Noble dog-poodle Artemon brought bread.
Forty stole for her at the market chocolates in silver pieces of paper.
Frogs brought lemonade in nutshells.
Hawk – roast game.
May beetles – different berries.
Butterflies – pollen from flowers – puff.
Caterpillars squeezed out toothpaste and greased creaking doors.
Swallows destroyed near the house of wasps and mosquitoes.
So, having opened her eyes, the girl with blue hair immediately saw Buratina hanging upside down.
She put her palms to her cheeks and screamed: “Ah, oh, oh!” Her breasts shook, scaring silk butterflies.
A noble poodle Artemon appeared beneath the window, stinging his ears.

He has just clipped his back half of the body, which he did every day.
The curly hair on the front half of the body was combed, the tassel at the end of the tail was tied with a black bow.
With another bow he tied a large smooth testicle.
Artemon has always done this in order to think less about Malvina’s lush ass and fragrant mink.
There was a silver watch on his front paw.
“I’m ready!” Artemon twisted his nose and raised his upper lip above the white teeth.
“Call someone, Artemon!” – said the girl.
– It is necessary to remove the poor thing Buratin, carry him to the house and invite the doctor.
“Ready!” Artemon swirled from willingness so that the raw sand flew from his hind legs.
He rushed to the anthill, woke the entire population by barking and sent four hundred ants to cut the rope on which Buratin was hanging. free pornstar live cam
Four hundred serious ants crawled in single file along a narrow path, climbed onto an oak tree and gnawed on a rope.

Artemon caught the falling Buratin with its front paws and carried her into the house.
Putting Buratin on the bed, the dog gallop rushed into the forest and immediately brought out the famous Dr. inlovewetrust bongacams Owl, the nurse doctor Toad and the folk healer Praying Mantis, similar to a dry mote.
The owl put her ear to Pinocchio’s chest.
“The patient is more dead than alive,” she whispered, and turned her head back one hundred and eighty degrees.
Toad with a wet paw for a long time was soft Buratina soft bud.
Pondering, she looked with bulging eyes at once in different directions.
She spanked a big mouth: – The patient is more alive than dead.
The folk healer Praying Mantis with dry as a blade of grass began to touch Buratina’s nipples, which made them swell.
“One of two things,” he whispered, “either the patient is alive or he has died.”
If he is alive, he will remain alive or he will not remain alive.

If he is dead – it can be revived or impossible to revive.
“Shsharlatanism,” said Owl, flapping her soft wings and flying away to a dark attic.
At Toad for anger swollen all the warts.
“What a disgusting ignorance!” – She croaked and, blind with a stomach, jumped into a damp basement.
The doctor Praying Mantis just in case pretended to be a dried bitch and fell out of the window.
The girl threw up her pretty hands: – Well, how can I treat her, the citizens? “Castor oil,” croaked Toad from the underground.
– Castor oil! – Owl laughed scornfully in the attic.
“Either with castor oil, or not with castor oil,” the Mantis grated outside the window.
Then unkempt, burnt, bruised, poor Buratina moaned: “I do not need castorca, I feel very well! A girl with blue hair thoughtfully leaned over her:“ Buratina, I implore you to shut your eyes, squeeze your nose and drink.
– I do not want, I do not want, I do not want !.
– I’ll give you a piece of sugar.

Immediately on the blanket on the bed climbed a white mouse, she was holding a piece of sugar.
– I do not want, I do not want, I do not want !.
Then Malvina blushed like a cancer, embarrassed, slipped a hand under her dress, and when she took it out, then two fingers glittered wetly covered with a sticky liquid.
The girl closed her eyes shyly and ran her fingers over Buratina’s lips.
She began to gently suck on them, enjoying the wonderful taste and aroma, and when she licked everything, she opened her sly eyes and said: “More!”
You are welcome.
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