sexy cam asian Then someone kissed him, then someone took in his mouth, held him there and sucked, while everyone giggled and could only guess who he was doing.
The game continued and the girls decided to complicate the game, and the one who loses should sit on me and finish.
And the other two girls play the next game.
And then the next loser replaces her, and so on.

I was shocked by what they were going to do with me, and all this was Natasha’s initiative.
The most interesting thing is that they decided to play in silence so that I would not know who would lose.
The game is over, and now someone takes me for a member and sits on top of me, envelops him and starts to move, it seems to me that this is not Natasha, I would recognize it.
I ask the girls to untie their eyes, but I get a refusal, and my hands, so that I could not break the bandage, are taken into shackles between the legs of the remaining participants in the game.
Two girls began to play, handing over the cards to my chest, and the third one, pressing her pussy against me, moved slowly.

I stroke the wet girls sitting on my hands, penetrate my fingers into them, and they play, playing me.
The one on top accelerated the tempo and began to moan, it seemed to me that it was probably Masha.
Then she slowed down and squeezed even more into me and began to stop making beautiful moans.
At this point, the game stopped, apparently everyone was watching her, or maybe stroking her.
The two players continued the game, and the third one got up from me, and after a moment her lips were already caressing the head of my hero, then she took it in her mouth and began to suck. young gay webcam vk
She definitely wanted to get her portion of sperm before her friends had finished playing.
Hands touching my testicles, she skillfully sucked my head.
And she got her way, I finished and finished, and right in her mouth.
At that moment, the game stopped, and two zaekas watched it.
The first time I studied with another girl, both before the eyes and with the permission of Natasha.

Or maybe it was Nata? Although unlikely.
Then the game was finished, and a new owner of my body appeared.
She had a difficult task, considering that I had just finished.
She began to lift my fallen cock, kissed my tummy and ran a tongue several times around the testicles, took it in her mouth and held it there and began to gently suck.
It was awesome, my little fallen friend, in his mouth and not in a hurry to get up.
But her tender lips did their job and he began to revive, gradually increasing and filling her wonderful mouth and very soon was ready.
By the way he was treated, I decided that it was Nata.
And after she saddled him, I was sure of that.
I do not know what Masha and Katya were doing there, but suddenly someone crouched over my face and a tender wet pussy touched my mouth, with one desire that I caress her tongue, which I did, and she pressed more and more strongly to me.
It was all just a fairy tale, I imagined how it looked from the side, as the two girls sitting on me kiss and stroke each other’s breasts, very soon I heard the moaning ending Natasha.

The girl from my face moved to Natasha’s place and continued what she started with my tongue.
Someone leaned toward me and started kissing me, I recognized my favorite tongue, my favorite lips, my favorite Natasha.
-You like it? she asked.
– Highly! I love you madly, I replied.
She kissed me again.
-Want to see who is on you? she asked.
– Of course.
She untied the bandage.
It was Kate.
Masha caressed and kissed her breasts.
– Kiss her, – I asked Natasha.
Natasha got on her knees and started kissing Katya while helping to stroke Masha’s breasts, it is clear that Katya was already on the verge.
And she quickly and beautifully finished.
Everyone was clearly pleased.
The girls kissed each other, Katya got up from me, and all the girls began to come up with something better for me to finish.
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