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“Innochka, how’s your tummy come out at last?” , asked Aunt Alina, going up to her 3-year-old daughter, who was seated on a potty before bedtime.

From the clothes the girl had only a T-shirt and tiny panties, lowered to the knees and twisted into a roll.
The child’s face was sweating and reddened by the pressure during the last quarter of an hour.
did not hang.
“the daughter whispered back.
“Lift the ass with the pot!” her mom ordered.
The girl began to slowly rise to her feet, and her mother helped her in response, holding her slightly in her bosoms. indian couple webcam tube
Looking at the contents of the pot, Alina, with annoyance, stated that it was almost empty, only a little urine splashed around the bottom of it.
“You have a constipator, daughter,” she grumbled sadly, then took the girl in her arms and laid her on the bed, lifting the legs of the baby up and pressing them against her tummy.
“Put your finger in your ass and check why the pumping does not come out,” she said, and began to spread the index finger of her right hand with Vaseline, squeezed from a tube lying on a bedside table next to the bed.
Her niece, 6-year-old Ira, carefully watched the woman’s actions.
Alina, her husband and daughter were visiting for a time to visit her mother, her sister Ani.
At the moment, Ira’s mother, along with her husband and Alina’s spouse, were gone, and Alina stayed at home to look after her daughter and niece at the same time.
“Aunt, will you pop her ass in the ass?” , Ira asked Alina.
“Yes, we need to check,” she replied, “Didn’t your mother ever poke a finger in the ass?”
“She popped me with a candle if I couldn’t poke,” replied Ira.
“And just like that, for verification, no?”. teen lesbian webcam tube