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It was dry but cool September days.
Students of the Institute of Technology gangs drove back and forth around the institute.
Olya, who entered the first course of the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology, stood in the group of first-class students near the entrance door.

They were talking hotly about something, gesticulating with their hands.
Nearby in the parking lot, in a dark foreign car, there were three men, examining students with interest, especially students.
They talked about something, pointing fingers at Olya.
Their faces were serious and reckless, their views were unpleasant.
But Olga, fascinated by the conversation, did not notice the views of other men.
She was well dressed in the latest fashion, in a very short skirt with a glittering wide strap and a figure-hugging blouse.
Her high breasts, tightly covered with an elastic blouse, were sticking out temptingly, tempting and teasing.
She noticed some admiring glances from the student boys and grinned a little.
She liked that.
– Well, let them see how beautiful I am! Let them look admiringly! I am very pleased that the male gender pays attention to me! she thought to herself, smiling slightly at her own thoughts.

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But she did not notice the close, carnivorous looks of a foreign car, literally undressing her slim, young figure.
The next day, when she with a friend came out of the door of the institute, and went towards the dining room, a dark foreign car and a man of thirty-thirty-five slowed down beside her, asked her how to get to the city park.
It was far away, and she had long explained the way to him.
While she was talking, he looked at her frankly and cheekily.
Then he thanked and left.
The next day, Olya again saw them near the institute and, again, as if by chance, they spoke.
There were three of them.
Young, nice well-groomed.
Many girls dream of such guys.
In appearance, pleasant and courteous.
Having become acquainted, they cheerfully talked about all kinds of nonsense.
Then, one of them remembered that this Saturday his ancestors were leaving for two days, and suggested that everyone have a good time at the cottage with barbecue.

They all began to persuade Olga to agree to spend some time in their company.
And since they liked her, were cute and pleasant, she agreed! She spent a long time sorting things out in her wardrobe, looking for what to wear to like and not look too vulgar.
Chose a short denim skirt, right on the ass, tight-fitting T-shirt and short jacket.
Make up and make her hair, she looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled, having liked herself.
– So they should like it! – she thought.
They drove her in an hour.
Dear joke, laughed, told jokes.
Olya was presented with a box of chocolates, and she dearly devoured them.
Cottage was far away, but the places were beautiful.
They are located in the garden.
Sasha went to the fire, Ilya cooked shashlyk, and Semyon and Olga talked on the porch of the cottage.
Cottage was what we needed! Big, apparently recently rebuilt, she looked impressive and beautiful!

Kebabs turned out delicious, smelling smoke.
They drank pretty.
Olga, although she resisted, was persuaded to drink quite a lot of wine and even a glass of brandy.
My head was spinning, and everything was swimming before my eyes! Sasha said that Olga had to be led into the house, and he and Semyon grabbed her by the arms and led her inside the room.
There they put her on a sofa and took off her jacket.
She was sitting with a flushed face and a gasped skirt, from under which could be seen panties.
Semyon looked inquiringly at Sasha.
He nodded his head – It seems she is ready!
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