tube cam sex You can not send anyone “pussy!” After all, you were born from here.
Promise that you will never send anyone here to my pussy.
Promise? I was so excited to hear that I could only nod.
And mom kept whispering.

“But if you and I are two, you can whisper“ pussy ”quietly to me, and even better“ I love your pussy. ”Do you love me? Do you like my body? You and I are one, you originated in me, inside of me! And then I gave birth to you.
And you came from here.
Want to watch and touch? I touched you.
You can touch me too.
Mom put my hand on a mound in the lower abdomen.
– Only very carefully, be gentle.
Do not make sudden movements.
Remember? I just nodded again.
And my fingers are immersed in the most intimate.
I do not remember how long it lasted.
I remember that wild desire overtook me.
The member stuck out like a stake! And my mother, having closed her eyes, literally purred with pleasure.
Then she uttered.
– Standing it is inconvenient to do, let’s go into the room, lie down.

We quickly washed off the remnants of soap and, without wiping, went into the bedroom.
Ma quickly folded the blanket, removed the blanket and lay down.
– Lie down next.
If you want, you can turn your head there and look at it.
No, no, not so! Feet to me.
Turn on the flank.
I will also examine how everything is arranged with my own son, okay? I turned, lay on my side.
It turned out uncomfortable.
Mom said.
– I’ll lie on my side too.
And I will do this so that you can see everything better. free webcam video chat rooms
She raised her leg like millions of women do.
I approached close to her “pussy.”
My fingers eagerly examined her.
got inside.
I looked at the pale-pink, glistening from the moisture of the mother’s vulva.
For the first time in my life I saw near what I had heard.
Suddenly Ma said.
– If you want, you can kiss me.
I touched the lips of the outer lips, licked their tongues.
Then he pushed them apart with his fingers and plunged into hot, moist tenderness.

And at that moment all shame flew away from me.
I realized that looking at, kissing a woman THERE is absolutely natural.
Like, say, kissing on the cheek.
And already completely calm, if I may say so about this amazing situation, when the son kisses the vagina of his own mother, continued his caress.
Mother’s fingers at this time stroked my dick, testicles.
It was surprisingly pleasant! For the first time (how many things happened for the first time that evening!) Someone, besides me, touched my genitals.
And this “someone” was the most dear person in the world.
Suddenly I felt some warmth on the head and tenderness.
Looking, I saw that she had put the head of my excited cock in her mouth! Her eyes were closed with pleasure.
She sucked and caressed my dick.
I felt an incredible pleasure! For a moment, pulled away from his mother’s body.
But my mother’s hand lay on my head and I felt my mother holding me to her “pussy”.

“She wants me to kiss her without stopping!” – I guessed.
And again his lips fell to a juicy, fragrant and such a native vagina.
My kisses were, of course, inexperienced.
I just kissed and licked my tongue all in a row! And from my mother’s reaction, from the trembling of her body, I found Clitoris.
This small bump, the touch to which made my mother groan and rumble from pleasure! I began to lick this center of my mother’s pleasure! Mom suddenly released her penis from her mouth, without opening her hands, however, and groaned loudly.
– Yes, my good! Yes! Lick there! Still! Still! Rub his finger.
Gently, gently! I began with an effort to stroke the clitoris.
Mom seemed to be out of breath.
– More more!
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