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Why did I decide that wearing it will forgive me? Throwing a thick dress on top, I went out to the car to go to work for him.
Near the office convenient parking.
There is a shade, people do not walk.

Making sure that he was in the workplace by the presence of his car, I found a wonderful place between the two “dead” Gazelles, moved into the back seat, took off my dress and sent a message: “Come down, please.
I’m downstairs. ”
Stretch the minutes of waiting, debts and painful.
No reply message, no call.
It was unbearable.
In my head the thought: “I am waiting for an hour and dumping.
Goodbye my love”.
I looked at the entrance to the office through the rearview mirror.
The door opened, people walked out.
People, but not him.
That familiar silhouette came out of the door, looked at the parking lot, found my car and headed towards it.
Out of habit, he opened the back left door and got into the car.

This man can not be surprised by anything, I guess.
He looked at me with a calm, calm look, as if I was sitting in front of him, not naked, but in a fur coat.
It was hard for me to start talking and I silently unbuttoned my pants to him and began to suck.
I did not see his face, I do not know his reaction.
Most likely he was also sitting calmly, because he did not even touch me.
It was a shame.
I calmed myself with the thought that at least for the last time I would get oral pleasure from this huge, sweet, with a slight taste of cinnamon and vanilla, member.
A member, unlike his master, was glad to see me and feel. amature lesbian cam
He affablely bared his head and with great pleasure climbed into my mouth the whole length.
But suddenly his owner said: “Enough.”
He tore me from his dick.
“Turn away.”
I obeyed.
I sat back to his knees.
I could feel him taking off his shirt, shoes, pants, and underpants.
He took my feet and put me in the back seat, ran my hand over my back.

Then he quickly entered the anal and began to move.
It happened so unexpectedly that I did not even have time to realize the pain of the first input.
He brutally fucked me in the ass, spanked on it.
A whisper poured into my ear: “Never ask me questions, the answers to which will bring you pain.”
With his every push, I heard a new curse in his address.
I was not offended.
Let him scold, call names, but fuck.
Ebet as always, but the stars in the eyes, before losing consciousness.
He froze for a moment, then began to moan and my ass began to fill with his protein.
He convulsed against orgasm, clinging to me, and then lay on top of me.
Catching his breath, he kissed my shoulder and began to rise.
I, too, moved to a corner, pressing my knees to my chest so as not to disturb him.
He wiped himself with wet wipes, which I silently handed to him, got dressed and went to work on without saying a word.
I wore a dress and went home.
Interestingly, I was forgiven?

“Gee,” I could only whisper.
Not only do they marry under duress for a representative of another kind, they also have to beware of their rival.
We reached the palace in complete silence.
“Well, run to your beloved,” I winked at him, lightly slapped my palm on the shoulder, and walked in the front doors.
A little later, I found Amtrok and asked for a conversation with him.
He sat in a large throne room, lakaya from a large cup some kind of swill, judging by everything alcoholic.
– Do you know that Arigol has an ogre bride, despite the fact that you have monogamy? – I was slightly agitated.
“Yes,” he said without even looking at me.
– So why this unnecessary marriage to anyone? Marry a son on his beloved, and let me go to my parents.
“I need a marriage,” he emphasized the first word, put the cup on the high table and gave me his attention.
– But why? “Everything has its time, princess.”
He again took up the drink and made it clear that he did not intend to say more.

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