webcam couple chat Turning around, I saw my youngest daughter jumping on Arkady’s dick, holding onto the back of the driver’s seat and moaning softly with a contented smile on a pretty childish face.
Vick shrugged and began to unbutton his belt.
It was six o’clock in the afternoon.
It got dark, I had to turn on the lights.

It was at the end of winter.
My mother, after the early death of my father, went to work to feed three children: at that time I was 12 years old, my brother is 5 years old and my sister is 3 years old.
Aunt Masha, the mother’s sister, lived with us and was married to 22 years old.
A few words about my aunt.
She was of medium height, not thin and not fat, but as if assembled from roundness of different sizes.
She had strong round breasts, exquisite round buttocks, ruddy, plump cheeks and coquettishly shaped lips.
When she walked down the street, all the passers-by men were wedged in the tower, they stopped, and, forgetting where they were going and why, they followed her for a long time.

For looking after a sick little daughter, her mother hired one elderly woman, as I then thought, for little money.
This woman had a very young for her age son Victor, a boy of about 19 years.
This Victor was attracted to my lovely aunt, and he came to our house more often than his mother, just without any business.
The house had 2 living rooms: a living room and a bedroom.
In the evenings, three of us watched TV in the hall, usually me, Aunt Masha and Uncle Vitya. live couple webcam porn
Brother and sister were still small, and mothers had no time.
Aunt Masha and Uncle Vitya used to sit on the couch next to each other, and Uncle Vitya very actively began to pinch and grope my aunt.
She pretended to scream and pretend to defend herself.
(Erotic stories for all) I am already accustomed to their games, so as not to interfere with them, watching TV, lying on the floor between the sofa and the TV.
But sometimes when the aunt screamed especially loudly, I nevertheless, as if by chance, turned around and noticed that Victor felt his aunt full-length at his chest, or did something with his hand under her skirt.

My mother went to work very early, at 4 am, she worked as a milkmaid on a dairy farm.
There were only 2 beds in the house, one in the bedroom where my mother slept with her little brother, and the other in the hall where my aunt and I slept.
My sister slept in the crib next to her mother.
Usually nobody slept on the sofa in the hall, its design was very unsuccessful, it was very narrow and squeaky.
It was good to sit on it and watch TV, as the sofa was with its back, and it was nice to lean on it with your back.
And then one night, before the morning, I woke up from some creaky sounds on the next couch.
With a fright, I rummaged around with my hand and made sure that there was no aunt near on the bed.
Then I heard scraps of phrases from the side of the couch, and I realized that my aunt was lying there with Victor, and they were doing something to make the couch literally shake.
Of course, I quickly realized that they were fucking, although I had never seen it before.

Boys at this age often already discuss this topic, spy on adults and if they have seen something, then tell each other.
I was especially jealous of one friend who lived near a large public garden and often saw a series of couples from a nearby sanatorium pass by that evening.
He, as a scout, crawled behind them and often witnessed how the uncles and aunts fucked (we did not know another word for that at the time), often ignoring other couples lying nearby.
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