webcam mom videos I looked into all my eyes and was silent, fearing to scare away luck – now everything will become clear.
I didn’t recognize you right away, I saw you only two times when you bought me on the market and when you were allowed to get a job as a policeman in order to benefit you and society.
We found you almost at dusk, and I did not recognize you, my mistress.
I listened in silence, he said it, and the toli dutifully weed the toli hopelessly, I lowered my head and fell silent.

The pause dragged on.
Hans’ words confused me even more, he, apparently, was waiting for something from me.
And without waiting, he dared to raise his head I do not know what happened but ,.
You seem to have suffered more than I thought.
I just spread my hands.
I do not know, perhaps I did it too harshly, but the guy jerked as if from a blow.
Then something inexpressible happened – he crashed down and began to naturally beat his head against the ground.
Crazy! All crazy! Enough! Stop it! My cry acted, it turns out that he is not insane, just obeyed.
And I made a decision.
So, I do not understand what is happening, I lived for myself, like all people, went to work, sometimes met with friends.
I have a boyfriend with whom I live, and with whom I quarreled today, and in the evening someone attacked me.

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After that, the devils began that! The young man lying at my feet looked up in disbelief to look at me, but did not interrupt my monologue.
I decided to say what I wanted, and then let the world collapse on my head.
Everything around is completely unfamiliar – cars, houses, and the address is not mine, even the relations between people are not like that! Having said that, I was relieved to understand that the world around me had changed – I remained the same and I am in my mind! Parallel Worlds? It may very well be.
I was ready for such a turn of affairs.
In my previous life there was no family, children, or even a loved one.
I did not like Igor, as he did me, now it became obvious.
Looking at the slave (did my childhood dream come true), I easily entered the “madam” state, as I imagined it in fantasy, ordered: Now you will tell me in detail who lives in my house, what orders, and how I myself to lead so that no one would guess that I am different.
You are not different.
DNA analysis gives a 100% guarantee of identification.
– He tried to argue.
Do not be distracted! Tell me! The slave nodded and began a brief excursion into my life.
In society, matriarchy and the slave system flourished.

The right to vote in all belonged to women.
5 people live in my house, mostly servants, and my personal slave, Igor.
The rest of the slaves lived separately in the depths of the manor, some worked, as the law allowed the slaves to work, unless of course their mistresses were against it.
You are very strict, but kind hostess, and your slaves are not very.
Not really.
Not very obedient? Lazy? What kind?! Yes, lazy, madam.
And my personal slave? He is very moody and he is.
– Hans stumbled again, but, as if recalling something, he continued, but in a dead voice.
“He puts ropes out of you.”
So consider your friends.
I know this from other slaves.
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