webcam strip public I offered to sit for another half hour, and then I will answer.
She nodded, still sitting and drinking the third glass.
Jenny asked if I liked to watch a girl when she wanted to use the toilet, and I nodded back.
She said that she had not yet met such a fetish, but had heard about other girls in the agency whom clients had asked to write with them.

I knew that Jenny would have a very difficult evening, and she had better hope that her bladder would cope with my desires.
Half an hour had passed, and now Jenny put one foot on the other.
We drank half past one glass of the cocktail, but she did not think about the toilet again, although I saw that she wanted to pee.
When the hour passed, she gently laid her hand on her stomach.
Our glasses were empty, and I offered to go to my house so that she really earned money.
Jenny stared at me and agreed.
“Besides,” she added, “I’m actually unable to endure, and I guess you’ll enjoy watching me endure on the road.”
“I nodded, we got up and went to the parking lot.
Jenny reached the car without any problems, although she pressed her hand on the crotch while she waited for me.
She also shifted slightly from foot to foot, and I asked if everything was alright.
She replied that it would be better for me to hurry if I want to look not at how she describes herself, but at how she will endure.

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I immediately nodded and said that she should not pee until I allowed.
Again, thoughts of additional payment made Jenny obey, but she asked: “Just give me this permission soon, or I’m just going to describe myself!” The rest of the way, Jenny did not move her legs, but from time to time she put her hand on her stomach, as if feeling it.
I stopped at the house and let her inside.
She managed to walk to the hall in an ordinary step and waited patiently for the elevator.
My apartment was on the fifth floor, we climbed the landing in front of my door, and only then Jenny squeezed her hips.
I opened the door and told her to go into the living room.
Jenny immediately looked at the bathroom and said that she would sign in front of me if I let her.
Of course, I did not allow.
I took her to the bedroom, and Jenny thought that I wanted her to urinate on there.
We stripped each other down to underwear.
She was really hard to tolerate, and she squeezed her hips tightly while sitting on the edge of the bed.
“I have to pee!” She said when we kissed.
“I’ll pay twice as much if you don’t go to the toilet now,” I replied.
“I can’t,” she said, frowning in displeasure, “how much longer do I have to endure?” Added Jenny, after thinking for a few seconds.

“Another hour,” I said, knowing that it was impossible for her.
“Hour!” She exclaimed, “I can’t, I just can’t!” “Half an hour,” I suggested after that.
She thought, but double payment made her agree.
“But you will have to drink a liter of water during this time,” I added.
She looked at me with displeasure, but agreed.
Her bladder was literally on the verge of an explosion, but the thought of receiving such a large amount due to half an hour of discomfort was too tempting to refuse.
Jenny decided that she should try to be patient no matter how hard it would be.
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