young teen webcam cam Did he go for a lot too? – asked Jenny.
Not yet, – Rachel smiled, – But it’s time to change a diaper.
Busy, ”Jenny drawled, pulling the doorknob a couple of times.
Wait, ”Rachel sighed.“ And I will go with my woman to the toilet. asian webcam online There is a folding changing table, though very small and uncomfortable.

Not like in the family toilet – it is well equipped in this store: spacious, with two changing tables, and even a leather sofa.
I would wait in your place too, ”said my aunt,“ Now this family toilet is free.
You go there first, in front of us.
We are in no hurry.
Seriously? – Rachel smiled apologetically, – will you let us through? So uncomfortable.
Well you kid crap one’s pants.
Also without a diaper.
Nothing, let’s wait, – Jenny grinned, – It takes another ten minutes in dirty pants – nothing will happen to him at the age of eight.
Let him say thank you that I took him right here.
It was necessary to leave the punishment for half an hour to walk wet and dirty.

A loud childish roar was heard from behind the locked door.
Listen, ”my aunt unexpectedly turned to Rachel,“ Or maybe we can work with children together? ” Well you said that there are two changing tables in this toilet.
Aha, two, ”Rachel nodded.“ I also just thought about it.
But somehow did not dare to offer.
Your boy at eight will probably be embarrassed of me.
Somehow survive! – declared Jenny, – It was not necessary here, in the store, to crap in my pants.
Let him get used to changing diapers.
Breast and nursery kids calmly change them with strangers.
As you know, ”Rachel smiled,“ I could go with my own and into the ladies toilet. ” cute hidden cam sex teen
My indignation simply had no limit.
I could not even imagine that the young aunt now see me without panties, not to mention a completely unfamiliar woman.
Waiting for the unpleasant procedure was no less humiliating – we were standing in a rather lively place and all the visitors of the store passing by – mostly mothers with babies – looked at me with wicked smiles.

Look, mom, ”the teen-age girl giggled, tugging at the sleeve of a tall woman walking next to her,“ Such a big one has written herself.
It seems not only to be described, – mother of girl smiled.
Oh, right, – the girl laughed, – So the pants from behind fell off.
Still as a crap, – said another woman, stopping next to us, – How old is he, about eight years old? Yep, eight, – Jenny nodded.
Mine is a year older and still popping up in my pants, ”sighed an unfamiliar woman,“ I just didn’t do it. ”
At home, she still goes to the toilet, and at school it’s just trouble.
And at a party too.
He refuses to go to other people’s toilets in a big way and that’s it.
Tolerates until he crap out? – Jenny grinned.
Yeah, – the woman nodded.
Such things are well treated with enema, ”remarked another young woman who was holding the hand of a boy of 4 years,“ I have not been able to train my own for a long time.
And with the little things everything was fine, but I refused to crap in the pot.

For half an hour he sat on it – and all to no avail.
I suffered a month with him and decided to put an enema in front of the pot.
Only a couple of times it was enough to deliver – in no time I started to do everything myself.
Now, when I plant the pot, immediately begins to diligently push.
No doubt, ”Rachel grinned,“ Probably afraid of the enema. ”
And when I started to teach the pot, I shoved a laxative candle in his butt, – another young mother joined the conversation, – Five minutes before planting on the pot.
I tried, ”the mother of a nine-year-old boy sighed,“ You know how stubborn I am.
Even with a candle in the pope manages to endure.
Try ordinary soap, ”suggested one of the women,“ It works better than any candles.
Cut a small piece and shove it in the ass.
Instantly coming off in large.
I don’t have such problems with my own, ”Rachel smiled,“ It’s enough for him to measure the temperature in two years so that he can go in large.
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