bongacams free videos “And if I say no to you?” – in Nikitin glance, curiosity flashed, mixed with a share of completely boyish slyness.
– If I do not agree, are you going to rape me? – In no case! – Andrei depicted on the face a grimace of complete rejection of such a scenario.
– Violence, Nikita, not my profile.
and then: why should I rape you? Do you have good reason to say no? That is, you can, of course, refuse sex.

what for? Well, you refuse.
suppose you tell me “no”, and – to whom and what will you prove by your refusal? – Andrei, looking Nikita in the eyes – squeezing his ass in anticipation, smiled.
– In short, Nikita.
if you want to know if I am a psychic or not a psychic, agree to my condition! I can see.
– Andrew, fooling around, spoke in a deaf voice, slightly stretching the words, I see.
I see, Nikita, that you are now very pleased.
you are cool now
you are kayfovo – I see it and even feel it, but there is one small obstacle on your way to further – the highest – bliss.
and not even an obstacle, and so – a small misunderstanding that arose from a child’s misunderstanding, and although it doesn’t really worry you and, in general, doesn’t bother you much, nonetheless.
nevertheless, you would like to know how to combine to you what seems to you incompatible.

I can explain this to you, Nikita.
and we will rush to the place where the entrancing reigns, no one and the unshadowed thrill. webcam boys young
Do you agree, Nikita? “Yes” or “no”? Answer – and I will answer you on your question.
so, Nikita: “yes” or “no”? Andrei was fooling around – frankly, boyishly was fooling around while lying under Nikita, and in this too there was a thrill, absolutely impossible with Sasha, who knew how to fuck skillfully.
Sasha was fucking great, and there was nothing to talk about with Andrei.
and even more so it would be inappropriate to fool around like this! And with Nikita, it was both appropriate and, naturally, with Nikita I wanted to talk and fool around and make fun.
– Answer me, Niki-i-ta.
– Andrew sang, looking laughing eyes in the eyes of Nikita.
“Nooo! – with a laugh Nikita stretched out, imitating Andrey.
“Nah?” – like an echo, immediately repeated Andrew.
“You said no now?” You’re a fool, Niki-i-ta.
– Yes-ah-ah! – without listening to Andrei, Nikita stretched out laughing, interrupting Andrei – just as obviously fooling around, looking at Andrei with laughing eyes.
“What does your yes, Nikita, mean?” Yes, are you a fool? Or yes, do you agree? – Or yes, do you agree? – like an echo, Nikita repeated, and Andrei, having understood Nikitin’s game, smiled involuntarily.

once – in the children’s summer camp on the shores of the warm Black Sea – he, Andrey, repeated the words in the same way after the boy from the city of Surgut, which from him, from thirteen-year-old Andrey, unsuccessfully achieved reciprocity: they sat in the gazebo, and the boy, who was a year or even a year and a half older than Andrei, almost openly persuaded Andrei to try, and Andrei, who at that time had no experience and therefore did not know what to do, didn’t say yes or no “, but only repeated his words after the boy, and from the sides it looked, probably, stupid, the boy was annoyed, he wanted to act – he wanted them to retire to the thicker bushes that grew right behind the fence of the camp, and Andrei instead, like a parrot, repeated his words with a laugh, Andrew was both sweet and anxious in Andrei’s soul.
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