cheap sex cam sites And the sun was mercilessly scorching: it was July noon.
High ears of various field plants now and then tickled his legs, very much thirsty.
– How long to go? – I asked, choking with thirst.
“Go silently,” answered the stern voice, “Little is left.”

– Well, at least give me a drink, – I begged.

For what she got quite a sick slap on the pope.
It was her husband’s favorite “slap” – a fly swatter.
Now my husband was walking behind, leading me like a captive.
We play like this with him.
I am his “slave”, and he is the “Master” and leads me into an abandoned vegetable pit somewhere in the field.
Such are our games.
In general, I love light sadomaso, but without real pain and perversions such as scat and golden rain. my busty cam
That is within the game.
Finally we came: we had a hatch in front of us.
Cyril opened it, untied my hands and gently pushed me to the stairs leading down.
– Get down! – He ordered me and gave a flashlight.
I carefully began to descend, whining from pain in the rubbed wrists.
Cyril followed, closing the hatch.

It became dark.
From the concrete walls blew cold.
It was terrible and immediately got sick to drink.
Downstairs, we found ourselves in a small room with a low ceiling, where, apart from the cold walls and some metal hooks protruding from them, there was nothing.
I took off the berets and remained barefoot.
Cyril approached me, roughly took my hand and chained it into a handcuff, which was attached to the ceiling.
He did the same with his second hand.
And the handcuffs were real, not fur.
But we also had fur.
Then Cyril widely spread my legs and tied them with ropes to the pins protruding from the floor, taped my mouth with tape.
It turned out that I was standing in the middle of the room.
The owner of a sharp movement shifted the topic so that it bare my chest.
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