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– The word for the announcement of the sentence is given to the chairman of the court, Veronika Va-dimovne, – interrupted the silence Angelika Viktorovna.
– After listening to the prosecution, the witnesses, the victim and the accused – Veronica began to read – the court concluded: first – insults occurred and were acknowledged by the accused, second, insults were caused to the girl in a public place, which doubly aggravated the guilt of the accused, who did not recognize his actions abusive towards Darya Yuryevna, and therefore to other representatives of the fair sex.
Relying on all the above, the high court ruled: to strictly punish this male scum.

Punishment cannot be a one-off due to the severity of the guilt, and therefore assign the following measures of influence and punishment: first, to flog the defendant in the courtroom with each representative of the law and the victim at its own discretion; require to apologize to the victim publicly in the presence of at least two witnesses in a disgraceful form (without clothes, on their knees, cancer, etc.). blonde teen webcam strip
The type of petition, the number of witnesses is established by the injured party.
In the future, in private to call everyone here and their friends to you, by name and patronymic, Madam, Lady, Hostess.
At the first request of the members of the committee to fulfill all orders without fail.
And finally, a small note: if you disobey any of us, then this video will fall into rent.

With these words, Veronica showed a small camera in the corner of the room.
I almost missed the spot.
It turns out everything that happens in this room was filmed on video.
“But I fulfilled Victoria Maksimovna’s request,” I prayed.
– I ask the court to make indulgence in the sentence.
– You have been thinking about this for a very long time, which means you expressed a lack of confidence in justice – Irina Igorevna struck me.
“So get what you deserve.”
The girls began to discuss the plan of my punishment.
– How many blows you deserve – Julia Mikhailovna asked me.
– Pieces ten – I replied, as if delirious.
– From each – Veronica clarified and everyone welcomed her words with approval.
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