dirty mature webcam Lie on the table, she threw to me before leaving the room.
Noticing that the two girls were looking at me between my legs again, I blushed embarrassingly and quickly put my diaper down.
Who allowed you to pamper diapers? Asked Jenny, who had returned to the room, sternly.
I looked at my aunt, confused, not understanding why she still keeps me on the table.

Drink up – Jenny ordered, handing me a baby bottle filled with milk, – Let the diaper be opened.
And until you drink it all, you’ll lie like that in front of everyone! Jenny unceremoniously turned away the front of my diaper, again making me blush with shame.
What are you waiting for? – shouted at me aunt, – Quickly drink milk! After this bottle one more waits for you.
And then two more – with water.
“It exactly follows the recommendations of the neighbor” – I thought with displeasure, recalling my aunt’s recent conversation with Mary.
But the prospect of lying in front of everyone in the unfolded diaper was even worse and, sighing heavily, I reluctantly began to drink milk.

Oh, ”Molly smiled sweetly.“ Just look how he stuck to the baby bottle. ”
Just a picture in a magazine, ”Amanda grinned.“ A bare-faced kid lies on its back and drinks milk from a baby bottle.
After waiting for me to empty both bottles, Jenny went with them to the kitchen and in a couple of minutes brought me the same bottles filled with water this time.
Come on, drink, ”my aunt smiled, handing me the first bottle.
Having drunk all the water with difficulty, I looked inquiringly at Jenny.
Good for you, – she smiled and quickly swaddled my diaper, began to fasten it. usb micro webcam
And pisyun under diapers to screw up? – appealed to my aunt Mary.
Up? – clarified Jenny, feeling my pussy under the diaper.
Yeah, – Mary nodded, – It is necessary to look up.
Then the boys wet the diaper more evenly.
“Clearly,” said Jenny, neatly fastening the second velcro pad.
Look, mom, there’s even a playpen, ”Molly chuckled, pointing to the playpen standing next to the table.
Here we are Tommy and put it there, – smiled Jenny.

Wow, fit, – smiled Amanda after Jenny is not easily transferred me to the arena.
“One more same boy can be put in there,” Molly giggled.
So very good in this arena looks, – laughed Amanda.
Uh-huh, ”Molly nodded.“ As if he had the right place. ”
The girls went to my aunt, tidied on a changing table.
They didn’t want to leave, continuing to chat with Jenny carelessly – of course about my punishment with diapers.
The most terrible thing was to realize that the just-drunk baby bottles of milk and water would soon cause me to an unbearable urge for something small.
“Do they really think of breaking me?” – I thought offendedly, – So that I constantly drench diapers, like a baby? – Jenny asked mockingly.
Of course I like it, ”Molly chuckled.“ There are so many interesting toys.
Yeah, study them so carefully, ”smiled Amanda.
I knew, Tommy, that you would like to be a baby, ”said Jenny,“ Tell me how cool it is. ”
Everybody cares about you: feed, bathe, change diapers.

You don’t have to do anything yourself – even dress.
I cast a hurt look at my aunt.
And without a toilet it’s much simpler, ”Jenny continued in the same mocking tone.“ Don’t run anywhere. ”
You can write and crap in the diaper whenever you want.
By the way, it does not interfere with checking in which state he is in.
Jenny went to the playpen and bent down, put her hand under my diaper.
It seems to be dry, – she said, – But for how long? My aunt was right – the rapidly increasing urge to write became so painful that I could barely endure it.
So funny shifting from foot to foot, – smiled Amanda, nodding in my direction.
What does it mean to shift? – Jenny smiled, – Tommy is dancing like that.
We know these pot dances! – laughed Mary.
and after her all the rest.
What are you standing and enduring? – turned to me Jenny.
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