ebony webcam tumblr Then he leaves me again, quits smoking.
I am a crazed swallow of sperm with my saliva and also rest.
He comes back, sits on the sofa and again I have to lick his cock and eggs.
Again the question.

Will I do whatever he says to become a real bitch.
I say: “I will.”
He is pleased with my answer and lifts his legs higher, and he commands me: “Below!” I come down on his balls.
“More,” he pushes my head even lower.
I understand where.
Second confusion, and I dive tongue to his anus.
If my dick then stroked at least a couple of times, I would definitely have finished.
But my hands are tied, and I spin my tongue around his hole.
It is clean, there is no smell and again a lot of hair.
-Language inside sui! A new team, and I, bastard with my own humiliation, are trying to shove his tongue off his ass.
It does not work, I try and so, and so, rightly I drill his closed hole.
Finally, the tip of the tongue slips deeper.

He pulls his dick slightly, and I, on my knees, with my hands tied, try to consolidate my success and prick my ass with my tongue.
Finally, he gets up, lifts me off the floor, puts his back on the sofa, throws my legs on his shoulders and attaches his dick to my hole.
I feel that the dick is already blurred.
Slippery head pokes between my buttocks and it presses slightly.
“Relax,” he growls.
I remember how I myself jerked off my hole with my fingers and trying to relax the anus.
A member goes deeper, in my opinion the head is already inside.
It moves back and forth slightly.
I feel pressure, warmth between the buttocks.
And here he comes in with a smooth movement.
To end.
I am in a panic, but there is no pain.
Only an indescribable feeling of fullness.
And he starts to fuck my hole. ebony webcam tumblr
First, with short movements, then the amplitude grows and finally the dick pops up and again flies in my ass.

The anus is constantly shrinking, then expanding, and I feel an incomprehensible pleasure.
When he jumps out, the feeling of emptiness flies in – and again a pleasant feeling of fullness.
Finally, again a jerk, he falls on me, and merges into me a new portion of sperm wheezing and growling.
Then he unties my hands and we bathe in the bathroom.
I rub the whole body, wash my dick with soapy hands.
Dick that just got me in my mouth and ass.
I am glad.
Glad as a little kid that the guys just took to play older.
Then we sit in the kitchen.
He is again in a dressing gown, I am in a T-shirt, which he gave me.
Mike on spaghetti straps, just below the belt and very much like a short dress.
He asks about what I do, what my parents do.
As a result, reports that tomorrow we will go with him to the beach.
Melting is not necessary.
We must meet with him in a certain place on the way to bed.
His name is Amir.

I have to call him Uncle Amir.
He is interested in my name and lets go home, finally sticking those blue panties into my pocket.
It turns out that I have to be on the beach tomorrow.
And I’m going home again on cotton feet to jerk off, remembering his prick in me.
To be continued.
“Edik, what are you doing with your mind or something?” I tried to speak without laughter.
I did not have time to speak as I felt that something was trying to penetrate my passage.
It was the index finger from which even Amiran jumped up in surprise and began to continue laughing, showing one finger at the place and the other holding his mouth.
-Here you done jokingly spoke Amiran Edik.
-Why? -You on a fig his finger in his ass for shoved? Amiran asked him with a great laugh.
-What’s wrong with that? but you do not see how he likes? Having prepared myself that I will try again to jump out, Edward again crushed me to the ground in advance.

But I did not react like that.
I did not experience the usual even pleasant feeling.
As a liquid hot finger digging in my back.
I started to get some kind of non-ordinary pleasure.
I could feel the mud flowing into my ass even very liquid as water with a finger inside me.
Only having had time to close my eyes, as I felt that the second finger was attached to the first finger.
But I spread to the mouth with a sharp flip-flop and jumped up as I was immediately carried by my legs in an incomprehensible position.
I was still drunk.
I dived into the water, washing away all this dirt and getting out onto the shore.
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