hottest body webcam Do you like it or what? Or does she like it? I really did not want to be frank about this topic with my boss, so I decided to lie to him.
I thought up on the move: “You see, Sergey Ivanovich, Katya and I have been living for so many years, and we still have no children.
We have already bypassed all the clinics, they have not helped us anywhere – unfortunately, I am fruitless.
So we decided to resort to the help of a donor.

Tengiz kindly agreed to help us.
“Oh, here it is,” the chef relaxed. “I sympathize, Dima, I sympathize.”
Why Georgian asked? Russian donor could not find? Well you are blonde, and he is black.
– Katya decided so. hottest body webcam
She has a Georgian grandmother, ”I began a new lie,“ So she wanted a child from Tengiz, she liked her.
We immediately agreed that she herself would choose a donor to conceive our child.
After all, in any case, I know that the child will not be from me, so I myself, no matter who my wife gets pregnant from.
The main thing is that I want Kate to give me a baby.
Moreover, Tengiz is a decent person, he will not tell anyone about this – Does Kati have a grandmother Georgian? Never would have thought.
– here my boss’s eyes became oily, – Wow, because you have a natural blonde, right? I replied in the affirmative, but the boss continued in such a peculiar and conspiratorial tone: – To be honest, I always liked your wife very much.
Therefore, if you are not against her, I would also be able to help her, in a sense, with pregnancy.
I wouldn’t have told anyone either, you know me.
– I know.
– Well, so can I with your wife. hottest body webcam