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My dick stood like a stone.
I imagined my mother in bed with another woman, both naked, caressing each other.
I myself did not notice how I began to masturbate.

I always liked to caress myself in bed.
I stopped for a minute, got out of bed and took out the Nivea cream, which I took from my mother last week.
Having collected a little cream on my index finger, I inserted my finger into the back hole, and with my other hand continued to masturbate.
Finally, my dick spilled a portion of sperm in his right hand.
I licked my discharge, took my finger out of the bottom and fell asleep.
In the morning my mother went to work as usual. cam show xxx
I took the camcorder connected it to the TV.
A picture appeared on the screen.
Mom kisses a beautiful full-breasted girl of about twenty.
The girl has long blonde hair and seductive ass.
Then mom kneels in front of her, lifts her skirt and puts a kiss to the black triangle of panties.
– Suck, prostitute! – says the girl.
Mom lowers her panties and gets out a big male member! At first I thought that it was not a real member, but a strapon, but having enlarged the picture I realized that it was really real.
The girl grabbed mom by the hair and poked her face into her crotch.
Mom began to lick the testicles, then her tongue moved higher, and now the head of the girl’s member disappears in the mouth of my beautiful mommy.
The girl begins to move her hips, putting her lover’s mouth on her segment.
Mom hugs her waist, then I see how the right hand goes down below, and the index finger penetrates between the girl’s buttocks.
– Yes, put a finger in my anus, – whispers girl. how to take photos with your webcam