how to use your webcam as a security camera The bench stood in the depths of the courtyard, and the light did not fall on it.
Therefore, I was not afraid that someone would see me in women’s clothes.
But even if he sees it, he will hardly know anyway.
So it happened.

Suddenly I heard a rustle behind my back.
I did not have time to turn around, as my eyes closed their hands, and a whisper came from above my ear: “Hello, Lena, this is me Sergey.”
Remember me? Do you remember how we spent time with you when you came to visit your grandmother? I was not able to say anything.
At this time, his hands fell on my chest and began greedily stroking and kneading her.
The chest immediately tightened and a wave of excitement swept through the body.
What is it – an outsider caresses me, and I get excited by it! – Your already asleep? Let’s suck me like before.
And he, jumping over the bench, was in front of me.
It was a tall, slim guy.
And I suddenly wanted to try what women experience when they give blowjob.

Without thinking what I was doing, I silently began to unbutton his pants.
When I unzipped my pants, a picture of a standing male member appeared before me.
I knelt down and clumsily took it in my hand and gently licked it.
– Well, bold, did you forget how to do it? – He asked, and bringing a member to my mouth began to press.
My mouth opened involuntarily and was immediately filled.
I began to suck him a bit with one hand, and the other began to stroke his testicles.
Sergey groaned and began to make progress.
He began to fuck me in the mouth.
From this thought, I almost broke the pantyhose, so my cock was torn out.
But women’s panties and tight tights did not let him do it.
I began to like the unusual sensations, I began to understand why girls rarely refuse to blow job. chaturbate cam site
The unusual solid, but soft-to-touch tongue member just fascinated.
I began to accelerate the movement and more actively do sucking movements.

Very soon Sergey reached an orgasm, and a jet of warm liquid shot into my mouth.
She was a bit brackish, but the thought that they fucked me in the mouth really excited me, and I continued to swallow it greedily.
In all likelihood, Sergey received a powerful orgasm, as he groaned loudly and clutched his hands in my hair and pulled me over.
From this, my wig slid off my head and stayed in his hands.
– You’re not Lena.
Who are you? He asked in surprise.
At that time, the moon came out from behind the clouds and illuminated me.
– Wait, I met you somewhere.
Yes, you are Lenin’s husband! I saw you with her – he suddenly exclaimed – Why are you like that? You sucked so well, I never thought it was a guy! Yes, and you have a girlish chest.
I felt that she was real – while he got under my bra.
– To go nuts! This is the chest! Are you that “blue”? – Not.
This is my first time.
– I said in confusion – You will not tell anyone?

“Well, I don’t know,” he said, “my silence must be earned.”
– Like this.
– I want to fuck you! – No, I can not, I never did.
– But you already sucked – he went to appeal to me in the feminine – it means you are a girl, and all the girls fuck – he made a conclusion – and if you do not want, then everyone will know that you are a nipple.
And I do not know how you will continue to live on our street.
I realized that I was caught, and I have no way out.
– But I never tried.
– I will teach you nothing.
Turn your back on me.
Bend down.
At the same time, he will take off my pantyhose with panties.
– Relax a little, do not worry, you like.
At first it will hurt a little, and then you will ask again.
Do you have any cream? I remembered for a jar of cream that fell out somewhere.
I bent lower and felt it near the bench.
– Here, take it.
Sergey took a little cream and smeared my hole and his dick.

Then he hugged me tightly.
He took his chest and rested a member of me in the hole.
The hole was small, and the member did not want to go.
Sergei Stan stronger to press and a member of a centimeter by centimeter began to dive.
He began to make slow progress.
And I, began to get excited! It was a little painful, and then a sharp pain pierced me, and I cried out.
Sergey abruptly drove his whole member into me and stopped to let my priest get used to his member.
I stood with my hands on the bench, and the pain gradually subsided.
Sergey started slow movements.
how to use your webcam as a security camera