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“Do not torture the poor lady,” a voice suddenly sounded, which had not sounded in this studio for about five minutes.
– The girl is certainly not to blame for anything – you do not think that she herself has posted this dispute, which puts her career under the ax? – but you just kill her with your questions on such a delicate subject.
She will be able to deal with her problems herself.

Irina’s cheeks sore with new force.
This time, the reason for this was not excitement, and not even so much shame, as the burning wave of gratitude.
She felt uncomfortable that, in her thoughts, she had nearly taken the professor to the category of old goats minutes earlier.
His gaze expressed annoyance, annoyance and frustration, systematically flowing into anger.
The piquant gesheft conceived by him succeeded by a third by a third — a lot more could have been gained from site visitors, but part of the acquired money had to be returned to pay off the debt on the third stage of the bet made on the Internet.
“The technical error”.
Guy’s lips twisted contemptuously.
“Technical failure” – this was the explanation for the sudden interruption in broadcasting.
And a break in almost the most interesting place – when the palm of an attractive and charming TV presenter had already laid down on her own knee and confidently slid up.

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Another minute – and the plan would have come true.
Oh no, he did not regret this girl at all, in his opinion, no less glamorous and self-confident than most of the inhabitants of the television center.
Reveal her secret, her piquant perversion or her stage reception – who knows her? – it was not so difficult.
Here he was helped by a case that has continued since teenage years – and in view of the eternal sexual dissatisfaction that still manifests itself – the tendency to peep at the wondrous girls in their changing rooms.
To intervene in the process of functioning of a small, cute device between her legs was even easier – there was enough fragmentary knowledge in radio engineering.
Speaking of technology.
The red-haired guy thoughtfully turned a small translucent disk between his fingers.
Isn’t it time for us to see what our miniature hidden camera captured in the television studio exactly opposite Irina’s seat photographed there ?.
A few minutes later the guy clicked the mouse, closing the video player window.
A classic smile of a villain played on his lips.
Something prompted Vadim that this time Irina would definitely not refuse to drink a glass of mojito with him, or even two.
Well, if they refuse – well, all Internet video hosting sites will be happy to keep a record on their servers today.

But, most likely, Ira will be a good girl.
-Aaaaa !! – He shouted when Igor thrust a member into it until the end, – aah, fuck, as well.
fuck me
fuck me, only he could repeat.
I felt at the same time a member of the Seeds in myself and Igor’s hard pushes, with which he penetrated the guy.
It was entrancing.
It was so acute and so shrill that I almost fainted.
Yes, and my partners apparently too.
-Do you want to fuck me? – Igor’s voice sounded confused.
– Oooh.
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