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The four, regretfully discontinuing the observation, dispersed in tents.
Pasha lowered training and Masha’s panties on her hips.
He stroked her charms.

The woman was breathing heavily.
Pasha turned her face to the tree and forced her, with his hands on it, to bulge her ass.
He freed his tight friend from his trousers and led him into a wet cave of a girlfriend.
She shuddered and moaned with pleasure.
Suddenly a chipmunk jumped out of the forest and, standing on its hind legs, stared at the people.
Masha screamed in surprise at the appearance of a chipmunk, then laughed, and Pasha spoke: Mink is busy, my friend.
This girl today belongs to me.
He strengthened the onslaught on the beautiful ass of his girlfriend, she answered with pleasure.
In the men’s tent, Sasha undressed Natasha and laid her on her back.
He caressed her with his hands, kissing her lips, sticking his tongue into the gentle mouth of a woman.

Sometimes Sasha would take Natasha’s nipple with his lips and playfully fiddle with it.
Having exhausted a woman with caresses, he entered her like a knife in butter.
Natasha huddled under him, like a wild mare who sensed that the horse was taking her.
The bodies that had merged in ecstasy hit the stand of the tent, it almost collapsed.
From the darkness came the voice of Pasha: Hey, you! Be careful! All the tent shaking goes! Taking Pasha, Pasha did not forget about the safety of his property, therefore he managed to observe the surroundings.
In the women’s tent, Dasha, who had risen on a tourist rug, was given up to Arkasha.
The helmsmen “sailed” first, tidied up the clothes, and left the tent, Sasha and Natasha finished them, they clung to the window of the tent and watched how the tireless Pasha seized Masha, who was leaning on the tree. webcam spc230nc
Finally, the partner finished screaming, and her partner immediately overtook her.

Observers applauded: you would be in a porn movie! Tired of having sex, friends and girlfriends bathed in the river, sat for a while around the fire and went to sleep.
In the future, their journey was a pleasure.
During the day, they admired the coastal cliffs and stones with a variety of names, such as Hanging, Falcon, Stove, Painted.
Opposite the Scripture stands a two-meter stone cross in honor of the birth of the breeder Nikita Demidov.
The nature on Chusovaya is very beautiful precisely because of the coastal rocks and stones, so our heroes received a huge emotional charge.
In the evenings, the emotional charge was of a different, sexual nature.
Our travelers turned out to be great visionaries of this business.
For example, the test lady was tied up with a towel, the other two were watching the game.
Men laid bare their dignity, and the subject felt to determine where his piece was.

If a woman guessed all three members, she was released from the service, the other one entered the game.
If he was mistaken, the lot was drawn between the men: who gets what kind of hole? Women were given a choice: to accept all three members at once or in turn.
The ladies were constantly mistaken, maybe intentionally.
A few days later they were developed everywhere.
The second game was that the man was blindfolded, and he had to use his finger to determine whose slit in front of him.
The men also could not guess, so they were regularly placed on the tourist rug, and the women sat down in turns on their haunches on their faces.
The test subject was obliged to make cunnilingus to her friends.
At the same time, the friends commented on whether they were well and those around them gave advice on how best to fulfill the wishes of the ladies.
Sometimes the game changed.
The subject was smeared with a finger with petroleum jelly, he had to examine the anuses of the girlfriends and report whose bottom was in front of him.

None of the men guessed right.
The loser was laid on the mat, and the ladies were engaged in horse riding.
Masha chose all the losers to take her in the ass, she was located with cancer.
And, of course, every evening around the fire sang songs.
According to tradition, the song of Gorodnitsky was performed: “And if there is someone with you there,“ You shouldn’t have to suffer for a long time: I love you before the turn, And then – how it goes.
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