masturbation girls hidden camera You take your fragments, Toka neatly, fucking! And from this log, Cut me soon! Fuck you do, Carlos took his carpentry tool, And from this wood Guy carved into the moment.
Cool small turned out, Hands, legs, hair color, Only here is not without flaw – A hefty nose came out.
The nose is such that you look, Long, sharp, looks up, The whole Caucasus is resting there, The word snobel zaebis.
Carlo wanted to correct the current, Trimmed it slightly: But it was not at all there, He grew up again, from a bitch.

Here Giuseppe took up his troubles, There is a stash in him, Do not have time to pull the eye – On the table is booze.
– Well, sonny, Happy Birthday! The old men said a toast, Pinocchio also drank – Not a hindrance long nose! Papa Carlo on the barrel organ, Mouzon played the same hour, And Giuseppe with Pinocchio, Pesnyak sang there.
– “Eh, a zone, in three rows a thorn: And all around is taiga, taiga:” – This is drunk Pinocchio, I remembered everything about my forest: In general, we drank all the way, And the river flowed booze: And when they climbed, It was already morning.
After drunken Buratino, He barely opened his eyes, – Who said that he was not ill, Wooden noggin? – Scha b gram two hundred shandarahnut, And something to devour: Dad!

Mama! Where are you whores ?! I can see no one else: Pinocchio looked around: – Is there something shiny in the corner? – The kettle hangs in the fireplace, And under it the fire burns: – So there is a little hawk, in kind, We made small frakings, We will devour: – and with this thought, He jumped off the bed.
Having sped up, Buratino stuck his nose straight into the cauldron: – They dissolved like a sucker, bitch !!! I only punctured the hole: – Well, life has gone free, They all strive to fuck, You just open the hawalo, Zapljak is immediately thrown: – Fuck, he organized a gallery, Here in the closet, fucking: Well, what about the picture? – It is necessary to look in the hole. masturbation girls hidden camera
Pinocchio immediately eye, To this hole fell, – Everything is in dust and cobwebs: – Suddenly he saw the door there.
– So, so, so: – you are cunning, Dad: Well, I am more cunning than you, Where you hide your wealth, Wait for me.
Pinocchio already at the door, Hand pulls hand, That ‘s because the bitch is not given: What can I do with you?

If b a master key, or a grenade, Although it would be better with a key: Pinocchio would start up – Someone enters the house.
Instantly, he rushed to the bed – Type did not get up at all: – Pinocchio! Wake up – Papa Carlo cheated.
– Look, sonny, I’m with a gift – I bought you a “Primer”! So get ready for school, You will delve into the literacy! – You’re just all on the “hair dryer”, SchA other times, All have long been a banker mark, So come on, learn, kid! This is me in life, a beggar, I collected all the pennies, Even now – for this book, I sold my panties! Pinocchio understands: – Under the sucker mows, old man: He rubs me about cowards here, And about the door, the goat is silent.
Okay, with Pont we agree, Type we have nothing to do with it: And how will the momentik fall out, We’ll break that door: Pinocchio reached out: – – Dad to school? I’ll go: Toka, where are all my clothes? I will not find anything.
– Here is the shirt, here are the trousers, Vaughn dragged the shoes, And put on my head the Old torn my sock!

You’ll be like that picture, All beautiful with me! Well, a little sock stinks, Only this is all garbage! Pinocchio got up, dressed, But the eblo did not wash, With the primer, like In school, he popizdoval.
Yeah, freedom is cool: It’s not sitting in a log, I give birth to it like a weathercock twirls, There is something to see here.
Pavilions, vodka, beer, Cigarettes and wine, But what the cock you buy, We need somewhere to take the loot.
– Papa Carlo is a golfer, he didn’t give me a penny, Well, it’s necessary, fucking my own son, To the school, the old stump, I drove it away: Okay, we will look around, There’s a lot of suckers, And we’ll sort out somebody for grandmothers.
masturbation girls hidden camera