mature sex cam live He immediately obeyed, executed her orders and froze, in fear of this fragile girl.
She slowly, savoring the moment as a good, vintage wine, playing with a whip, approached him.
Becoming behind, she brought a whip over her head and froze, giving the man a little relaxation and calm down, and then.
the blow was sharp and unexpected as always – she loved so much.

He did not have time to exclaim from the first blow, which seemed to have passed through the skin of the skin and touched the soul itself with pain, as the next one burned it, and then another.
and further.
and further.
The massive body was covered with scars, but he endured everything, knowing about the bizarre nature of his mistress and her predilections for such entertainment.
– You seem to want to tell me something? Something that is ready to throw everything at my feet – seriously, almost without emotion, she said.
– Yes, my Mistress! I will do everything in my power to prove to you my love! – I want to prove it! – another blow lay on the shoulders of a warrior.

“For your sake, I will raise the warriors of all Greece to war, I will estimate the city and country, the warriors will march around the world, shouting and glorifying your name!” The girl pondered and a cruel smile began to play on her lips.
“I didn’t like the way Athena spoke to me this morning, I think that the city that bears her name must pay the price for her arrogance.”
– Just tell me, and I will drown the city in blood! The girl moaned in pleasure and, striking the final blow, threw the whip aside.
– Quickly to me dog! – she fell on the bed and spread her long, slender legs apart. spy cam boy porn
The man knew that this order would definitely be heard and, not losing not a second, rushed on all fours to the edge of the bed, where his Goddess lay exhausted with excitement.
Without unnecessary orders, he passionately stared at her knee, and from her, a chain of uninterrupted kisses, rose higher and higher.
(Erotic stories) The girl unceremoniously grabbed his hair and pressed his lips to her gates of pleasure, so wet and hot.

His tongue immediately stormed into the depths of the wriggling body, causing a deafening moan cry of pleasure.
His legs squeezed his head hard, but he didn’t even care about it, the man just moved his warrior deeper, breaking through the walls that squeezed him.
She threw her arms over her head and stretched out with a string, closing her eyes, surrendering herself to the passionate caresses of her lover, who finally got what he so desired.
your goddess
Like a snake, she moved her body, running her hands in different directions and moving her slender, smooth hips, holding her lover’s head between them.
The tongue was moving faster and faster, filling it and going out almost completely.
The snow-white walls began to darken quickly, until they finally accepted the color of rain clouds, on which, as they left, lightning snakes rose.
And here, she was no longer able to restrain herself.
Once again, as the tongue reached its maximum depth, her sky-blue eyes widened and, screaming from an excess of feelings, she trembled all over, pouring her pleasure straight into the man’s mouth.

and on earth at this time there was a real downpour, flooding the fields and streets of cities, the skies thundered and lit the evening sky with flashes of lightning – people knew that at the top of Olympus once again God of war Ares and Goddess of Love Aphrodite once again indulge in carnal pleasures.
– Well.
The previous story still received a continuation and development.
Events evolved by themselves, I just was put before the fact.
Participant’s name is Alexey), Irina (my girlfriend, who went to Moscow and got fucked there), Oleg (the one with whom I went to the sauna and who raped me).
Irina and I rented an apartment, began to live together.
The history of those days, that serious conversation, those emotions seemed to be forgotten.
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