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I needed to blow off steam.
I needed another booze.
Fortunately, my classmates shot this night a hut on the outskirts of the city and called me.

Why not?! Almost the whole course came to the party: linguists, lawyers, and even financiers, among whom were my old temptations — my ex-girlfriends.
In the center of the room people arranged a dance floor.
They turned on the intimate twilight: only the lamp was burning on the table filled with snacks and booze.
In the corner stood a music center and a pair of speakers.
The next thing I noticed was that guys were five times less than girls.
Well, this is for the better, – the notorious predator decided, looking at how short-fitting dresses expose long legs, – there are fewer competitors.
Besides, the fact that there are several rooms here, I noticed even at the entrance.
The contingent was in different conditions: someone was already ready, someone was tipsy, and someone was just beginning to discover the charms of this night.
Here I met my classmates and classmates.
Among them was our elder – a large girl, but sociable.
Also, the elder of the parallel group is a girl like Ksenia: stylish glasses, a tall beautiful bust, a round sweet ass and a lot of knowledge in her head.

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I wonder how wide the outlook covers her encyclopedia.
Next to them were hanging out koryan girls who always went together.
However, among these Koryanok, I noticed another clever girl.
Of course, she did not pretend to receive a diploma in diploma, but the foursomes were honored for her.
Among all the representatives of South Korea, she was the most sympathetic to me.
She had a good figure – everything I love: legs, ass, chest, but also she was more beautiful than her compatriots.
Moving my eyes to another company, I met the set camp of our Karusi, who worked in the club as a go-go dancer.
This person’s figure, starting from the belly, was the most piquant: long taut.
legs, neat, appetizing ass, tight press, but her breasts were too small.
But it was, one might say, the only underdog in her appearance: her shoulders were crowned with a swan neck with a beautiful pug, which was lined with dyed red hair.
“The redhead beast,” – I thought casually.
Next to her was a girl named Christina, an extremely extravagant “lady.”
I remember that we often quarreled with her during our studies.
And not only me.
She reached my shoulder in stature and had the same problem as Karousi: small breasts, but her legs were dead.

At one time she was engaged in kick-boxing.
She differed from all odnogruppnitsy pompousness and riskiness of clothes, as well as makeup.
In this case, a girl of Turkish origin named Alya could compete with her, which, by the way, stood nearby.
Elya was spoiled by the disposition of men.
And it was not by chance that all of them attracted to her: in spite of her unstable character (because of which all the attracted men left her) she had an extremely curvaceous form: a huge chest, a huge butt, well, she also had a tummy between us.
Many of her cavaliers left, barely throwing a couple of sticks.
And, in fact, there was nothing more to take from it.
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