office sex on hidden camera KIRILL (as if he does not hear).
I cant.
I can not ass – I’m not blue.

Fuck! But who keeps you here for the blue – who thinks so.
no one thinks so! You.
where do you live – far from school? KIRILL (looking at ANTONA, clearly not understanding for what purpose he asks about his residence).
ANTON (hastily).
So do I.
also live almost next door! However, what’s the difference who lives where.
this is not important! (Lowers the voice.
) Listen what I say.
listen carefully! I can help you – I can lend you the amount Gray requires.
I, Kirill, have that kind of money – for me it’s all not a problem! Unless, of course, you want me to help you.
do you want (Looks with hope.
) CYRILL (incredulous – and at the same time with hope in his voice).
Will you give me the money? SERGEI.
I will lend you money, but so that no one knows.
no one at all! If you give them to Gray, you will say that he explained everything at home and that the mother gave you the money.
or think of something else.
what the fuck is that you say! The main thing is that you will calculate.
With Gray you will be calculated – you will not owe him! I agree? CYRIL (uncertainly).
I do not know.
ARTHEM (impatiently).
Who knows? In short.
we will need to meet – one on one.

all this needs to be discussed! I will come to you at school, but only so that no one knows about it. get naked on cam
no one at all – not even Gray! Understood me? (Keeps Kirill in the eye.
) Cyril, did you understand me? KIRILL (nods his head).
I realized.
ANTON (smiles).
We will meet – we will agree! And now, fuck, do not be afraid.
do not be afraid of anything! If I knew that everything would turn out that way, I would offer you in advance this amount, because of which you are here.
but – it turned out, how it happened.
and still – nothing terrible happened! In the mouth or in the ass – it’s just sex.
gay sex and nothing more! Relax and do not be afraid.
With a tube of cream in her hand, SERGEY quickly enters the room; Smiling anticipatingly, he looks at CYRILL.
SERGEY (fun, energetic).
That’s right, Kirya, Tone says to you: in the mouth or in the ass – it’s just sex.
and – no blueness! Sex does not mean that someone is blue.
very true thought – in terms of optimization! Relax, fuck, and – do not be afraid.
point do not tear! (Laughs excitedly.
) Go, Kirya.
here, fuck, go – to the floor.
(Looks as CYRILL hesitantly rises, without removing his hands from the lower abdomen.
) Bolder, Kirya, bolder.
like this.
here become – do not be afraid, fuck.

even the eye can see what a cool ass.
(Going to Kirill from behind, runs his hand over his buttocks.
) Tone, fucking.
big-eyed – immediately determined it, and I fucking.
I can only by touch.
(Laughing, he again runs his hand over Kirill’s buttocks, at the same time pressing his palm into the elastic-rounded flesh of the buttocks.
) Class! Now – on your knees.
get on your knees fucking (Bypassing the kneeled Kirill, he brings the erect member to the mouth of Kirill.
) On.
more fucking piss just once, and – let’s move on to modernization.
take it (Looks like an erect penis, crimped by lips, disappears in Kirill’s mouth.
) Oh, good.
good fucking Kirya.
office sex on hidden camera