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Anton stuck on them for two days.
I am still not sure that I did the right thing, leaving all my own and Toshkino past there.

Psychologist recommended to change the situation.

Positive emotions should push out the last year, distract new social circle.
I am an adult and I can not accept what to say about an eight year old child.
Fourteen months ago, the boy had a loving family.
My beloved sister, Milena, got pregnant in high school.
The father, a former military man, tore his hair, threatened, screamed, but Milka did not admit who the father of the baby was.
Brave was unlike me.
She always knew how to resist the old man, apparently the character got from him, and I knew how to adapt well to his mood and not get involved in conflicts. free female webcam
Milena was a favorite with us all.
Dad even brought some serviceman to her to make a wedding, Milka did not give up.
Neither single mother nor lack of education scared her, and she became a wonderful mother.
True, Toha apparently lack of a father affected, he began to call me “dad” when he went to kindergarten.

I’m still glad about it.
The accident occurred last April.
Mom was late, Milka volunteered to give a lift.
Always rash, and this time was no exception.
It was raining, lost control, crashed into a concrete fence.
died on the spot before the ambulance arrived.
Buried in closed coffins on the birthday of Anton.
And how to explain this, and how to answer a six-year-old baby, why not see his mother? I managed to adopt Anton without any problems.
We became frequent guests in the office of a neurologist and a psychologist.
His father’s health deteriorated sharply and in four months he died of a heart attack.
Toch completely flew off the coils and into the first class was already not quite the same fervent little boy.
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