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Lena screamed very loudly, ending like a mad woman.
And Victor was on top.

Hearing a scream, he growled like a dog.
and finished too, pouring Lenochka.
“Your mother,” thought Lenochka, “it’s good that my two months ago were over.”
– “Your mother, – Vitya thought, – and after all I get married, if that.
“And the old pants and occupy their place of honor in a laundry cabinet somewhere between Vitin socks and T-shirts.
Summer day, immediately after the rain.
In the city there was a sticky, suffocating heat, the clouds parted, the afternoon sun shone brightly.
The stuffiness was incredible, sweat streamed down my body, linen shirt and trousers stuck to wet skin.
I had to constantly fix on my clothes, especially pants, because under them, on me, were wearing thongs.
A bag, from lightweight mesh fabric, in front and thin strips of fabric, between the buttocks and on the hips, allowed me to feel at least some coolness.
I was embarrassed by trousers that were stuck to her ass, clearly showing her roundness.

Therefore, I don’t like to wear thongs in public places, I’m tritely embarrassed and only an emergency, such as heat, makes me wear them.
Today I had a force majeure at work and I had to go to the place to settle one misunderstanding.
I was taken there, and I had to get back to my car by public transport, well, well, without returning to the office.
The bus was a terrible crush and stuffiness, some passengers entered, others got out, but they did not become less.
Sticky sweat flowed through me like a river, flowing into all the small holes in its path.
Clothes already stuck to me and it was not possible to fix it.
After another change of bodies and faces, behind me, unceremoniously nestled, something hot and elastic clung to my ass.
Realizing that this is a member, I involuntarily started and shrank, the guy standing behind, understood my reaction and began to harass me. view pc webcam
He, turning slowly to the sides, began, as if by chance, began to rub against my soft spot, and when the bus, not much, swayed in my direction, pressed against me unnecessarily.

Then I slightly pushed him away from myself and turned to him, with an angry look, I was met by his absent glance, which told me about the complete absence of reasons for my indignation.
I turned away and thought that the blame for the heat and everything seemed to me.
The guy just moved away from me a little bit, but I still felt a hot touch.
Light touches of his cock, about my ass, began to make me angry and turn me on at the same time.
Everything pissed me off; the heat, the heat, the discomfort of sticky clothes.
It seemed to me that on my skin there are tons of dirt flowing through my body along with sweat.
Besil fellow traveler stuck, brazenly dispersed in me, my secret hobbies.
The complete hopelessness of the situation was that it was impossible to change the place, the bus was full.
Even if I was treading closer to the door, and I was still far away, I would have to endure the jolts of passengers entering and leaving the bus, which would be a hundred times worse.

The actions of an arrogant fellow traveler, at least a little, but gave birth to me, deeply hidden from others, forbidden, voluptuous emotions.
This is angry that they need to hide.
The novelty and unusual sensations, as they say, are on the verge of turning me on.
That he paid attention to me when I flinched, and of course that thing that he had in his underpants.
Judging by my feelings, the size of it was clearly deprived.
Gentle touches that occur in time with the swing of the bus, from which I had very bright vibrations of the body.
Even when the bus stopped smoothly and my companion rested with my farm on my ass a little more than usual, then I caught myself at this thought, it was no longer annoying, but was perceived as a kind of inevitable, but pleasant given.
The piquancy of what was happening was also in the fact that I had long ago realized that same-sex affection, seduce me no less, and sometimes more, than the caress of charming women.

Only with courageous guys, I can and want to feel like a woman and take their courtship, be in bed in a passive role.
With males, I become a quiet, moderately compliant girl, not allowing to ride myself, but not refusing, if the treatment was appropriate.
With the lords in sex I love you feel the pressure of their affectionate strength and morally and further everywhere.
With men less brutal, I behave like a station wagon, that is, according to the situation, with station wagons it is pleasant in their own way, they are more liberated and open to mutual caress, they know well what is needed for a first-class orgasm.
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