skype webcam spy I darted back at lightning speed and assumed the desired posture.
Mrs. sat down and, taking me by the hair, fidgeted over her face, settling herself comfortably.
Finally, she asked: – Did you caress women with your tongue? Between the legs? – I kissed my sister between my legs while we were still playing together.
And her friend.

– And who thought up to kiss like this: you or she? – I.
In the kingdom, it was necessary to check the smoothness of hair removal between the legs.
– And how did you do it? Show me – kiss! I began to lick her pussy lips, not getting into the crack, which is why the Lady immediately got angry: – Not so! Get deeper! – she took me by the hair and began to drive my head, showing where to lick.
I tried with might and main, already supplied with some information about the female anatomy from the articles of “CM”.
The lady apparently liked my work, since she let go of my head and gave me complete freedom of action.
Trying to bring her to orgasm, I tried to lick as soon as I came into my head and, getting cracks when the Lady was not very pleasant, I found the right way: the Lady liked when I licked upwards with wide movements of the tongue, climbing as deep as possible into the folds of her genital lips, similar to two ripe bulk orange slices.

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And alternating this method with sucking and biting lips, after 15 minutes, when my tongue was ready to fall off, I got an orgasm of the Mistress: she somehow moaned in a special way, she arched and suddenly went limp, and from it flowed such a stream that I just choked and coughed in surprise.
After sitting on me for about a minute just like that, the Lady stood up and said: “Now, wipe me dry thoroughly with your tongue!” And quickly! – she spread her legs and put her crotch right in my face.
I began to lick the Lady, carefully collecting all her discharge with my tongue.
Finally, she was all clean: “Mistress, I cleaned everything up!” – Well done, slave! I really enjoyed your effort! Feels like an experience! I think you deserve a small reward, – she turned to me and put up a kissing foot: – Thank you, Madam! – I kissed her pretty leg at the very fingers of my thrill, where did it come from?
The feeling of some unearthly bliss suddenly filled me from head to toe, and I felt like the happiest person in the world!

Chapter 6
I brought Lady a dress, and we went to dinner.
Feeling naked before a dressed woman again, even if she didn’t have any underwear, and she sat by the rules of the kingdom, it was just great! Mrs. ordered me to spread her legs, not letting a member, and continue to sit just like that.
I liked the new method, although I noted to myself that I would have to practice a little to learn how to sit down in one movement, neatly and beautifully.
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