tiffany925 webcam show I also wanted that the period of romance with Ilya and I lasted at least six months – I understand that it is stupid and cruel to deprive a loved one of what we both wanted (and I very, very much wanted sex, but I decided to endure), but then I it seemed to be right.
When we were alone with him, we lay down on the bed and started kissing.
He lay down on me and began kissing my neck.
Taking off my blouse and exposing my chest, he began to caress my nipples with his tongue, gradually going down below.

But then he came across a barrier.
– What happened, honey? – Ilyush, forgive me, but I have my period – the first thing that came to my mind – Then let’s restrict ourselves to caress? – Sorry, but I have to run home, my parents have sent SMS and are waiting for me.
Going down the stairs, I was ready to knock my head on the wall – I did not understand why I was doing this, why I did this to my beloved person.
Yes, I was afraid of getting burned again, but Illya has already proved everything to me – he loved me very much, and I loved him.

After 2 weeks, he defended his diploma and invited me to his place – to celebrate. hot couple webcam
I did not want to torture him (and myself too), since the last time he has not made any attempts to make love to me and I felt guilty.
I decided to correct my mistake – at home I put on my new set of underwear – an orange bra and thong panties, thin-mesh stockings.
She wore an orange blouse and a white mini-skirt on her body.
High heels finished the outfit.
All this was my favorite gift – I wanted this evening to be special.
I arrived at his house at 7 pm, rang the bell, but no one opened it.
I called Ilya on my mobile – he apologized and said that he would be in half an hour, as he was delayed buying some gift and asked me to wait for him.
Suddenly the door opened – there was a tall, athletic man, he looked about 45 years old, he was half naked, he had only a towel on him that covered his ass and his penis.
(Looking at him, I once again reproached myself that so tormented both Ilya and myself.
I was excited, I really wanted sex).
– Hello girl!

Who are you to ?! – asked the man – I am to Ilya, I am his girlfriend, and who are you? (He examined me carefully, and I noticed his gaze.
No wonder – in front of him stood a pretty red-haired girl, in a thin blouse, which barely concealed her breasts, a mini-skirt, which revealed a view of slender legs, covered with mesh stockings and shoes on a thin and high hairpin, which gave me even more sexuality) : – I am his father, just recently came from a regular business trip.
Strange, but Ilya did not say to me that he has a girlfriend.
His father began to call Ilya: – Hello, Ilya ?! Why didn’t you warn me that your girlfriend would come to you, and in general did not say anything about her? (His father put the phone on the speakerphone) – Sorry, dad!
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