webcam anal tube His nature began to strain immediately protesting against the tight clothes from which he hurried to get rid of.
The grateful member immediately swayed, as if rejoicing in freedom and welcoming Rita, who had turned around, who was frozen in admiration, admiring the figure of her Apollo, and especially its impressive club, framed by thick hairs.
“Wow, how big you are! And how did you get into me so much? ”- Rita was perplexed,“ Well, I see, the nudist club is open here! ”With graceful movements she took off her bra, showing off her naked breasts with nipples sticking out.
Then, dancing, she turned her back to Anton and slowly sagging, she started to show off her panties, showing the man her holes in the hollow between the buns spread out to the sides.

Anton eagerly absorbed this erotic show, noting the smoothly shaved pussy of his girlfriend with only a narrow strip of hair above the lips of the pubis.
“Do you like me?” Rita asked excitedly, arching effectively and looking mischievously at the man.
“Of course!

I have never seen anything like this before, ”Anton said excitedly, without wryly.
“Catch me!” Shouted mischievously, Rita ran to the river and, raising a bunch of splashes, flopped into the water.
Deciding not to lose his “forest nymph”, Anton ran after him.
They bathed, splashed, laughed, acted with a word like people who were absolutely happy and in love, sometimes accidentally touching each other, inflaming themselves.
At one point, they began to play the game “Sea Hunter”, when Rita swam away, and Anton had to “pierce” the victim with her “spear”.
Catching up to Rita in shallow water, Anton.
picked her up and she sank down on his flushed cock several times with her pussy, or Rita began to nasally suck on his “spear”, as if practicing the “fine”, and then, again running off, “allowing” to catch herself again and again ( Well, how did the guy know that she was a first-rate swimmer?). webcam toy masturbation
Catching Rita once again, and having planted it on his peg, Anton began kissing her passionately, holding the weight of her slim body in her arms.

Before the blanket is spread, it is white about twenty meters and each step, unwittingly, caused Rita’s body to move on his penis, now climbing, then sliding back down the trunk.
Anton carefully laid Rita on a blanket and his lips began to collect droplets of river moisture from the body of a desired, hot kiss, stopping on a flat tummy, chest.
Touching the papillae of his hands, caused waves of desire in the body of the woman, which began to spread throughout the body, involuntarily causing him to bend towards the caressing lips and hands.
She felt how kisses of Anton descend lower and lower, going up to the poured lower jaws, already shiny from the selected grease.
His kisses were gentle, enveloping, unhurried, and this turned on Rita even more.
She wanted to open herself completely.
Her hips lifted toward a caressing tongue that circled inside her open shell with a “pearl” in the middle.
Anton’s language was written on her clitoris and around the phrases from the letters of the alphabet: “I love you.

You’re the best in the world! I want you so much! Ready to lick your pussy every day! ”His hands stroked Rita’s slender legs, slid up the sides and stomach, to her elastic chest and, taking possession of her nipples, began to twist and pull them to the side.
Rita did not hesitate to moan, wholly surrendering herself to male affection and hoping that this pleasure would never end.
“Faster, here, yes! Yes, yes, dear! ”- Rita moaned, feeling the approaching orgasm of a rolling wave.
Anton simply grabbed her breasts and began to massage, while fluttering her tongue, like a butterfly above a flower, above Rita’s clitoris.
A wave of heat rolled from the pussy of a woman into all corners of her body, which arched towards Anton’s mouth, and Rita’s hands pressed the man’s head to her crotch.
Another moment of tension and her body, weakly weakened, sank onto the blanket, catching the echoes of the oncoming, weakening waves of orgasm.
Anton lay down beside him, admiring the miracle that he himself had just done.

“How good she is!” He thought, gently hugging Rita and kissing her on the cheek, hearing the girl’s breathing gradually level off.
“Antoshka, my dear, how great!” – the girl purred, turning over and starting to shower kisses on the man’s face, sinking lower and lower to a firm, steel-like chest.
Her hands stroked his strong body, enjoying the power over this man.
Rita stuck out her tongue and “ran” down to the stomach, leaving a moist path on the body from the tongue.
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