amateur 18 webcam And those who think differently, in the depths of their souls, probably want to experience at least once in their life what I have been through.
I do not know, judge for yourself.
I was then thirteen years old, and I was completely formed physically.
Titechki were, though not very big, but elastic, with protruding nipples.

And around the cherished crack there was a curly golden pu-shock, which I very much loved to touch and stroke while lying in bed in the evening.
I didn’t do anything more then, and I didn’t really know what to do or how.
The process of mating itself, to be honest, was a mysterious phenomenon for me, although, of course, as a village dweller, I repeatedly saw copulating co-bulls, bulls with cows, horses.
But, I repeat, I somehow did not refer all of this to people.
Not because she was stupid, but, apparently, a little bit infantile, which is not so surprising at the age of thirteen.

But my sexual ignorance did not last long.
We live with mom and dad, as I said, in the village, in other words, in a big village.
My parents are the local intelligentsia, namely, the teachers.
Dad also – the principal.
But there is almost no one to learn from us.
In the seventh grade, where I went that summer, only three were going to go – I, Masha and Zamorisch Vit, I don’t want to talk about it seriously.
In the ninth grade, two girls, in the tenth – no one, in the fifth – three, in the third – the most.
four girls and three boys.
That’s the whole school.
There are no guys except the small-scale da Vitka in the village. webcam machine sex
So no one ever cared for me and was not interested in my crack.
So, on that July evening, when this story began, we had a bath.
We have our own sauna, very cool! Parents always went first, and I later, when the fever fell.
Usually mom we-las quickly, and my father liked to steam up, but this time for some reason mom lingered.

I was tired of sitting at home, I collected clean linen and leisurely went to the bath, deciding to wait for my turn on the street.
Approaching the bath, I suddenly noticed that the window, usually covered with plastic wrap, was open this time – either the film had fallen off, or they had forgotten to close it.
I was not going to pry, but, glancing by chance, I could not tear myself away.
My parents are young, then both of them were thirty-five years old, and quite beautiful, especially dad.
But so I have never seen them so far! They stood in the middle of the bath and kissed.
It is clear that both of them were naked.
And the kiss ended, the arms opened, the father walked slightly to the side, and I was just stupefied! A long pink stick stuck from the thick bush of black hair between the father’s legs! Or rather, at first it seemed to me that it was a stick.
But, looking closer, I understood that this is what is called a penis.

The peel on its head slid back a little, revealing a smooth, simply shiny, bluish surface.
And below this wonderful “tool” weaving bag is a wrinkled bag with two bulging balls.
I realized that this testicles.
My gaze wandered over my dad’s term, unable to tear myself away.
“So where do men piss!” I thought.
– But why is he so big? I have never seen my father’s trousers bristling in front! What does this mean-chit? “I so wanted to touch my dad’s dick that I almost cried from annoyance! I was terribly jealous of mom.
she can do it right now! And my mother overheard my thoughts.
She took my father’s dick with her right hand, and with her left began to touch, gently massaging, the testicles.
The right hand also was not inactive on the penis, but rhythmically moved up and down, pulling the skin off, almost completely exposing the head, which became bright red, and then almost completely covering it with the skin.

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