amateur sex cam She squeezed her legs tight when the waiter brought us three cans of beer.
Jenny’s eyes widened in surprise when I took two cans and slid them over to Jenny.
“You must be joking!” – she said, “I’m about to describe myself, I just can’t drink another liter of beer!” “If you drink this, I will allow you to go to the toilet,” I said with a smile.
Jenny was slowly sipping a beer, as time went on, and my girl’s gaze increasingly stopped at the toilet door.

After drinking only one can of two, Jenny began to beg me again to allow her to pee, but I told her that first she had to finish the second can of beer.
Jenny drank the second can almost in one gulp, but at that time I bought myself another can of beer and slowly began to drink it. amateur sex cam
Jenny looked at me imploringly, trying to get permission to go to the toilet.
It was not surprising, because she had drunk about two and a half liters of beer, which slowly flowed into her bladder.
Jenny put her hands on her knees, but sometimes clenched them into fists to make it easier to endure.
“I really want to pee, please let poor little girl Jenny do wee-wee,” she said with a smile, trying to soften me.
Four women went to the toilet, Jenny looked at them enviously and squeezed her legs even more.
At that time I was thinking about the size of her bulging bladder.
I could hardly wait for us to come home and I could look at her stomach, but again Jenny asked me to let her go to the toilet.
My poor girl wanted to suffer for me, because she knew that it really excites me, but her bladder was getting too full. amateur sex cam